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The journey starts here: adidas drops Al Rihla World Cup boot pack

With just over a month left until the 2022 World Cup, adidas Football just dropped their newest collection: the Al Rihla pack.

The Al Rihla, which from Arabic to English translates to ‘The Journey’ pack is a new collection of football boots. And in keeping with the World Cup theme, adidas’ brand new boots take inspiration from the World Cup’s official match ball.

Three iconic boots, three new looks

adidas is famous for its football boots. And so, they have taken their iconic models, the Predator Edge, X Speedportal, and Copa Sense, and simply given them a whole new look.

The boots in the new collection boast the same colorways and look as that of the World Cup ball.

“With players showcasing what some see as impossible movement, we imagined the future of fast with the Al Rihla World Cup boot pack, bringing it to life with the same vibrant iridescence as the Al Rihla Official Match Ball to encapsulate the magic on the pitch at the FIFA World Cup 2022 and beyond,” adidas Design Director of Football Graphics and Hardwear Franziska Loeffelmann explained.

But, each of the three pairs in the pack has its own unique spin on the aesthetic.

Predator Edge

First in the collection is the Al Rihla Predator Edge+.

Al Rihla Predator Edge+

The Predator Edge+ model was designed to help players control the ball better. And this new version, its ribbed sections are discreetly hidden within the shoes’ colorways.

COPA Sense

Secondly, adidas remade their Copa Sense for thenew collection, a boot known for allowing players to amplify their sense of the ball and improve ball control.

Al Rihla Copa Sense

However, unlike the Predator Edge+, this new model boasts a black base to contrast the same neon colors.

X Speedportal

Finally, we have the Al Rihla X Speedportal. As the name suggests, this boot is made for speed. Again, the design features the same bright colors and graphics, though this time, on top of a teal blue base.

Al Rihla X Speedportal

With the brand new collection, adidas have taken their iconic football boots and given them a brand new spin to celebrate the upcoming World Cup.

Although adidas were to release the collection on October 11, the immediate excitement after their announcement yesterday changed their minds.

The collection is now available in adidas’ UK store.