The M5 World Championship Brings The New Wild Card Format To The Philippines

The M5 World Championship Brings The New Wild Card Format To The Philippines

With the M5 coming up later this year, this means more chances to reach for that World Championship trophy.

2023 MSC recently concluded and brought with it big news to the upcoming M5 World Championship.

Not only is the M5 World Championship heading to the Philippines, but it will also be introducing the new Wild Card format to the premier Mobile Legends tournament.

The Wild Card is a new phase to M5 that will take place before the group and knockout stages. Featuring eight teams from both mature and emerging regions, this new format will give only two of these eight hopeful teams the opportunity to move on in the tournament. The Wild Card regions are Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA), Latin America, Malaysia, Mekong, Mongolia, and South Asia. Two more regions will be announced soon.  

Altogether, we will see a total of 16 teams competing in M5. We have two Philippine teams, two Indonesian teams, and two Latin American teams as the most prominent regions. Then we have one from Malaysia, one from Singapore, one from Cambodia, one from Myanmar, one from North America, one from Turkey, one from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), one from the EECA, and the two Wild Cards rounding everything out.

This year’s M5 promises to be the biggest yet with the Wild Cards battling it out this November. Afterward, it’s a straight shot to the Philippines and to the M5 World Championships taking place in December.

Banner image from Moonton Games.

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