The MPL PH S12 Regular Season Closes with a Spectacular Super Week

The MPL PH S12 Regular Season Closes with a Spectacular Super Week

From first to last, all teams fought with their pride on the line.

The season finale of the MPL PH S12 ended with a bang as teams went all-in on the final week. Four of the six playoffs teams were already determined coming into the final three days. The fate of Minana EVOS, Omega Esports, and ONIC Philippines’ playoffs dreams would be decided in the weekend.

Playoffs spots weren’t the only thing on the line however. A first round bye goes to the top two teams of the regular season and ECHO had already secured theirs. This leaves AP.Bren, Blacklist International, and RSG Philippines jockeying with each other for who gets an advantage in playoffs.

The MPL PH S12 Regular Season Closes with a Spectacular Super Week
(Photo by Moonton Games)

The first day opened with a massive upset as Minana EVOS took down the reigning world champions ECHO in a 2-0 sweep. It was a sign that the last week would be full of intense games as it was the last chance for all teams. Unfortunately for EVOS, it was Omega Esports who would be the first to secure one of the remaining playoff spots. This put EVOS in a precarious situation as their poor regular season record meant that they were relying on other teams to keep them in the running.

Another major upset took place on the second day as TNC Pro Team swept Blacklist, playing spoiler to their plans and giving the second seed to AP.Bren. The struggling TNC was already out of the playoffs but they proved that they shouldn’t be overlooked. 

In the end, ONIC dashed EVOS’ playoffs hopes as they took the last spot after a convincing 2-0 against Omega. Blacklist settled for third after a bloody and drawn-out game against AP.Bren as the finale to the MPL PH S12 regular season.

Banner photo by Moonton Games.

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