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Devin Booker's new Chuck 70

The Next Icon: Converse Drops Devin Booker’s New Chuck 70

Devin Booker’s new Chuck 70 is already an instant classic, blending a timeless style with his modern edge take. Are you copping a pair?

Defined by an unmatched drive and timeless style, classic comes naturally to three-time NBA All-Star Devin Booker.

So, when Converse gave Devin Booker creative control to design his own take on the iconic Chuck 70, that’s exactly what he brought to life — a throwback style with a modern edge, using simplicity and considered details.

“Clean, classic, and timeless. The Chuck 70 is part of my uniform, I put all that together into the design,” Devin Booker shares.

Devin Booker's new Chuck 70
Devin Booker’s New Chuck 70

Just like many of us, Devin Booker considers the Converse Chuck 70 a staple in his closet, especially with his minimalist wardrobe.

And, as an avid Converse user himself, Booker approached the brand to design and execute his take on the iconic silhouette, which he stripped down to deliver a canvas ripe for a clean, timeless look.

Devin Booker’s new Chuck 70 redefines classic with a minimalist approach. From the natural undyed canvas and tonal embroidery to the clean tape and custom Arizona-inspired license plate, Converse and Devin have created the next icon.

Devin Booker's new Chuck 70

His intent was to deliver a true canvas for expression, which people can wear as is or make their own. “You can paint it. You can bleach it. This is a blank canvas — you can do whatever you want with it,” Booker shared.

Indeed, for a special release with Converse, Booker has imagined a new design that looks like an instant classic.

To celebrate the launch of Devin Booker’s new Chuck 70s, Converse is bringing his cinematic vision to life with a short film. The film pays homage to vintage Americana. It showcases Booker on a journey through the desert, blending iconic American imagery with an iconic silhouette, while also nodding to Booker’s ongoing pursuit of a legacy on and off the court. 

A ‘Pretty Penny’ Arizona license plate on the heel lends a personalized yet subtle touch — a reference to the plate on the first classic car Booker ever purchased, which also features in the film.

The Devin Booker Chuck 70 will be available beginning April 14 on Converse.com, Footlocker, Titan, and Rockwell.

Images courtesy of Converse.

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