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Bravery and National Pride: Check Out The Philippines’ Custom-Made Barongs For The Paris Olympics!

Filipino culture will be proudly showcased through these custom-made barongs by designer Francis Libiran for the Paris Olympics

When it comes to the Olympics, the Opening Ceremony is always one of the biggest highlights of the competition. This ceremony has long been a showcase of competing nations’ rich cultural heritage, with athletes marching along the Olympic Stadium in donning pieces lined with intricate details that represent their respective cultures and traditions.

For the Philippines’ centennial Olympic year, renowned designer Francis Libiran has been tasked with showcasing Filipino culture for this year’s Opening Ceremony. And a month before the Paris Olympics opens, the Philippine Olympic Committee has finally unveiled his creation for the country’s sporting heroes.

Check out the Philippines’ Paris Olympics barongs here!

The result? Of course, Libiran had to go with the barong, which is made out of piña-jusi fabric, according to the POC. But this is not your regular barong — the not-so-subtle detail lies in the collar, which features Pintados-inspired warrior patterns.

The statement piece will be the “detachable silk organdy sling”, which features the Philippines’ national colors and intricately embroidered sun rays. Like the collar, Pintados-inspired warrior patterns will be on the sling, which will act as a “root” for the sun rays. 

The Philippines' Paris Olympics Opening Ceremony Barongs 1
(Photo Credit: Philippine Olympic Committee and Francis Libiran on Instagram)
The Philippines' Paris Olympics Opening Ceremony Barongs 2
(Photo Credit: Philippine Olympic Committee and Francis Libiran on Instagram)

From its looks, a tribute to the host country France is also part of the sling, as the country’s tricolors seemingly serve as accents for the statement piece as well, lining the outer edges of the sling.

“This barong [symbolizes] bravery and national pride. On the detail, every element of the design showcases the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines,” said the POC. 

Flagbearers Nesthy Petecio and Carlo Paalam are set to wear these barongs at the Opening Ceremony on July 26. But in a follow-up Instagram Story, the POC did note that “all qualified Olympians will march in the parade wearing these barongs.” 

And to make us even more excited for the Opening Ceremony, here’s weightlifter Elreen Ando rocking the Philippines’ barong!

(Photo credit: Screenshot from Elreen Ando’s Instagram Stories)

While it’s still a month away, the reveal of these barongs surely ramps up the excitement for the country’s centennial year in the Olympic games. And who knows? Maybe these threads will be another lasting remembrance of a historic medal haul.

Banner Images courtesy of the Philippine Olympic Committee and Francis Libiran on Instagram.

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