Playdex Cup

The Playdex Cup: A Web3 Gaming Event for A Good Cause

Watch 8 top Filipino gaming streamers battle it out to win up to PHP 50K for their chosen charitable organizations.

Social gaming platform Playdex is thrilled to host the Playdex Cup – KMON Streamer Showdown, a web3 gaming event featuring popular Filipino gamers playing for charity while spreading awareness of web3 gaming.

This one-day event will be live-streamed on Playdex’s Facebook Live on May 13, 2023, Saturday, starting at 5:00 PM.

What is KMON?

KMON Genesis is a competitive web3 roleplaying game where players can breed, train, and fight with their own unique digital monsters that can be purchased as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

With the recent launch of Playdex’s KMON NFT Rental Marketplace, players can now rent NFT monsters for as little as 1 PHP per day. This makes it incredibly easy for gamers of all levels to enter epic battles and start earning token rewards, which can be exchanged for real money.

Who will be playing in the KMON Streamer Showdown?

Playdex has invited eight streamers to the Cup: 

Many of them started streaming during the pandemic, providing entertainment for many Filipinos and turning to web3 gaming as a way to earn during the lockdown.

“I’m excited to connect with fellow gamers and show how accessible and rewarding gaming can be in the web3 space,” says Chansanity, a streamer who became known for providing Axie Infinity scholarships to his community.

“My hope is that the web3 community can continue to grow and expand their knowledge about the potential opportunities and earnings that come with it.”

Overxyze, a technician-turned-full-time streamer, also shared his excitement for the event. “I’m looking forward to showcasing my skills and strategies in KMON. Web3 has opened up a lot of opportunities for gamers, and I’m grateful to be a part of this growing community. My wish is for the web3 ecosystem to continue to expand and provide more innovative and engaging games to users.”

Who will they be playing for?

Each streamer will represent their chosen charity from a wide range of organizations promoting good for the environment, mental health, clean water, the well-being of children, and other worthy causes.

The eight beneficiaries are:

  • UNICEF Philippines
  • World Vision Philippines
  • Dream Big Pilipinas
  • The GreenEarth Heritage Foundation
  • CARA Welfare Philippines
  • Haribon Foundation
  • Waves for Water PH
  • Mental Health PH

All organizations will earn from the event. The grand prize winner will receive PHP 20,000, while the first runner-up will receive PHP 10,000. The second and third placers will each receive PHP 5,000, while the fourth to eighth placers will each receive PHP 2,500. 

Why should you watch?

The Playdex Cup – KMON Streamer Showdown gives aspiring gamers a chance to learn expert gameplay strategies from Playdex KMON streamers. Gamers can then jump in and play the game themselves through KMON Genesis on Playdex.

Additionally, viewers can join the  Philippine web3 gaming community in creating a positive impact in the world by learning about these associated organizations and raising meaningful prizes for their causes. 

Don’t miss out on this exciting event! Tune in to the Playdex Facebook Live on May 13, 2023, 5:00 PM and support your favorite streamers as they compete for a good cause.

Interested in web3 gaming? Then check out www.playdex.io or join their online communities on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and Discord.

Banner image from Playdex on Facebook.

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