The Underdog Teams of MPL PH S13

The Underdog Teams of MPL PH S13

These are the teams to watch out for when it comes to punching above their weight.

It’s easy to point out who the best teams are in a world champion caliber region, but there are also powerful underdog teams playing in MPL PH S13. There’s no question that AP.Bren, Blacklist International, and ECHO are fighting among themselves for top three. But we’ve got three teams who look more than ready to challenge them for those spots.

RSG Philippines
The Underdog Teams of MPL PH S13
(Image from RSG Philippines)

RSG has always been on the cusp of greatness but unfortunately has fallen short time and again. After winning MSC 2022, they’ve been trying to reach those same heights ever since. They’ve gotten close in past seasons but this year might finally be the moment they go all the way.

The return of star Jungler Jonard “Demonkite” Caranto was a real boost for the squad. Couple that with the veteran leadership of team captain Dylan “Light” Catipon and head coach Brian “Panda” Chang-rok and RSG has their best chance of making it into the top three.

ONIC Philippines
The Underdog Teams of MPL PH S13
(Image from ONIC Philippines)

Coming in as one of the teams with the most potential to go big or go home, ONIC is looking to turn their fortunes around to live up to their organization’s expectations. They have been the perennial middle-of-the-road team for the longest time. Even when they barely make it to the playoffs they don’t last very long and exit after the first round.

Now with the inclusion of King “K1NGKONG” Perez and Grant “Kelra” Pillas, ONIC has the pieces to be more than middle-of-the-road. While it can be said that the squad is composed of players from less-than-stellar teams, you can also say that they all share the same motivation to prove that they’re better than what everyone says. 

TNC Pro Team
The Underdog Teams of MPL PH S13
(Image from TNC Pro Team – ML)

This one is more a pick coming from the heart rather than the head. Historically, TNC has never performed better than 8th place outside of their magical run in Season 9. Despite consistently being bottom-of-the-barrel, they have many fans who still hope that they can repeat that one season of success. There really is no bigger underdog among the MPL PH S13 teams than TNC and that’s why we can’t help but root for them.

With Ben “Benthings” Maglaque taking on the mantle of head coach, TNC is hoping his veteran experience can help guide the new team. Let’s hope that this is the year that they’ll rise up from the ashes and take the MPL by storm.

Banner photo from Moonton Games.

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