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#TheGAMESummer was a worry-free getaway thanks to Cetaphil Sun

#TheGAMESummer: A Worry-Free Getaway With Cetaphil Sun

For a final summer hoorah, The GAME partnered with Cetaphil to give these athletes and sports enthusiasts a summer weekend to remember.

To Celebrate the True Spirit of Sports and to bring more attention to Skin Awareness Month, The GAME partnered with leading skincare brand Cetaphil to host the media title’s exclusive summer event, #TheGAMESummer!

Taking championship-winning athletes and sports enthusiasts to Baler, Aurora, The GAME made sure that every one of their guests would be able to enjoy all the summer activities they had in store, thanks to Cetaphil’s line of skincare products.

No matter what #TheGameSummer’s guests got up to — whether it was the sunset yoga session to the morning surf — they knew they could do everything with confidence!

Leveling up on skincare awareness
#TheGAMESummer presented by Cetaphil.
#TheGAMESummer was presented by Cetaphil.

Upon arrival at Costa Pacifica in Baler, Aurora, all the guests immediately got the chance to learn about Cetaphil’s array of products that would keep them protected all weekend — from their gentle skin cleansers, their soap bars, and of course, to their sunscreen!

To begin the weekend festivities Cetaphil’s Country Brand Manager Abe Mationg first reintroduced the value of skincare to everyone, highlighting how each of their brand’s products can help them better improve their skin health.

#TheGAMESummer: Cetaphil Country Brand Manager Abe Mationg explained the value of protecting one's skin.
Cetaphil Country Brand Manager Abe Mationg explained the value of protecting one’s skin and how everyone can step up their skincare with their products.
All the athletes and sports enthusiasts at #TheGAMESummer got to level up their skincare routine with Cetaphil.
All the athletes and sports enthusiasts at #TheGAMESummer got to level up their skincare routine with Cetaphil!

Over the weekend, Cetaphil was kind enough to showcase its incredible products, bringing special awareness to its sunscreen, Cetaphil Sun, to accompany all the guests throughout the summer getaway.

Of course, with all the fun activities in the sun, Cetaphil also made sure that the guests could cool down the right way with their Ultra-Protect Antimicrobial Cleansing Bar, meant to cleanse one’s body while also maintaining hydration and the skin’s protective barrier.

While everyone knows that skincare is important, The GAME and Cetaphil wanted to level up everyone’s knowledge, especially athletes and fitness enthusiasts who spend hours under the sun.

#TheGAMESummer: Dermatologist Dr. Bea Chan-Benavidez shared her top tips for skincare
Dermatologist Dr. Bea Chan-Benavidez gave a quick rundown on important things to remember when taking care of one’s skin under the sun!

Dermatologist Bea Chan- Benavidez, RPh, MD, DPDS gave a quick crash course on important skincare tips to remember when spending time in direct sunlight. On top of this, she also showed everyone the proper way to use Cetaphil Sun, because there is more to it than simply rubbing it on and stepping in the sun!

Now knowing the two-finger method for properly applying sunscreen, all the guests of #TheGAMESummer put it to the test themselves!

#TheGAMESummer: Dr. Jaja Lao-Ang and Chelsea Robato using Cetaphil Sun
Dr. Jaja Lao-Ang and Chelsea Robato got to try out Cetaphil Sun for themselves.
#TheGAMESummer: Rocio Escaño keeping protected using Cetaphil Sun
Before hopping into the water, Rocio Escaño kept herself protected with Cetaphil Sun.
#TheGAMESummer guests celebrating Skin Awareness Month together!
Cetaphil Sun

Formulated for sensitive skin and perfect for anyone, all the athletes and sports enthusiasts made sure that they took their bottle of Cetaphil Sun everywhere during #TheGAMESummer!

Cetaphil Sun boasts a lightweight, non-greasy, and water-resistant formula with up to SPF50+, offering highly effective broad-spectrum protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

#TheGAMESummer: Kelly Misa makes sure to reapply her Cetaphil Sun no matter where she is to protect her skin at all times.
Kelly Misa makes sure to reapply her sunscreen no matter where she is.

These are highly important features that your sunscreen should definitely have in order to protect you not only from sunburns, but also from the aging effects of UV rays.

The Cetaphil team made sure to remind all the guests that applying sunscreen is very important, especially on a summer weekend vacation! Because of the strength of the UV rays, the team recommended that everyone reapply every two hours for the best possible protection.

#TheGAMESummer: Kelly Misa enjoying Baler's ATV experience with Cetaphil Sun
Before heading out for an ATV ride in the sun, Kelly Misa makes sure she is protected with Cetaphil Sun!
#TheGAMESummer: Chelsea Robato enjoying Baler's ATV experience with Cetaphil Sun
Chelsea Robato getting ready to chase adrenaline worry-free thanks to her trusty sunscreen.
Fun in the sun!

On all three days in Costa Pacifica, Baler, all the athletes and sports enthusiasts made the most out of the sun as a final summer hoorah.

From a relaxing sunset yoga session led by yoga instructor Joanne Villablanca to an adrenaline-pumping ATV experience in Baler’s Moto Park; and from lounging by the pool to surfing the well-loved waves of Baler — everyone felt confidently protected thanks to Cetaphil Sun.

Cetaphil’s Ultra-Protect Cleansing Bar and Cetaphil Sun was #TheGAMESummer’s trusty companions for the weekend!

And even after long days, Cetaphil ensured that everyone’s post-sun routine was on-point just as well, with their Ultra-Protect Cleansing Bar that provides wide germ protection and instant skin hydration using its Derma-Mimic Technology.

All in all, #TheGAMESummer turned out to be a fun-filled weekend to remember!

Three-peat UAAP men’s volleyball champions enjoying some much-needed downtime in Costa Pacifica.
Margaret Nonato at #TheGAMESummer sunset yoga session.
#TheGAMESummer: Joanne Villablanca enjoying Baler's ATV experience
Yoga instructor Joanne Villablanca stays confidently protected even in the sun.

And even after three days of spending hours in the sun, upon checkout from Costa Pacifica at the end of an activity-packed weekend, not one of the guests complained about sunburn, and even had sunkissed glows to show off back in Manila!

When you feel protected and confident, you’ll never be afraid to enjoy a good workout under the sun.

#TheGAMESummer was presented by Cetaphil and sponsored by Manly with official venue partner Costa Pacifica.

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