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There is still a race to win and Sebastian Vettel is starting with 4 new shirts

Throughout the past few seasons in Formula 1, Sebastian Vettel has been showing a different side of himself. From being the young gun aggressive on the track, the four-time World Champion (though still competitive, of course), has revealed a softer nature to his personality.

From cleaning up the grandstands at the 2021 British Grand Prix to building a bee hotel in Austria, Seb shows that there is more to him than just being a racing legend.

This year, he also brought other advocacies that he supports to the spotlight. At several race weekends, he showed up sporting different graphic tees all meant to spark a conversation about a particular issue—be it climate change or equal rights.

Now, just days before his last dance in Formula 1, he’s giving his fans the opportunity to get on board with his campaigns. On his website, Vettel just released his unique line of graphic tees that he wore at several races throughout the season.

On his website, he writes, “I realized that wearing a simple t-shirt with a message can promote discussion about issues that matter…By purchasing a shirt, you can support me in this endeavor, as all proceeds go to organizations and projects that are close to my heart.”

So before he bids his Formula 1 career goodbye, here are some of the tees you can choose from to remember him by.

Save the Bees

In case you didn’t know, Sebastian Vettel is an ambassador for Bio Bienen Apfel, a project that aims to protect bees as an important part of our ecosystem.

In support of this cause, last season, he took time in between back-to-back race weekends in Austria to help a group of local school kids build a hotel for bees. He even wore a helmet promoting the cause.

Now, he’s helping even further by selling his Save The Bees t-shirt.

Sebastian Vettel's t-shirts
Sebastian Vettel’s Save The Bees T-Shirt
Miami 2060

When Sebastian Vettel released his retirement announcement on Instagram last July, he expressed that one of the reasons behind this was his concern for climate change. And even driving for a sport that contributes to the issue, he still found a way to use his platform.

At the Miami Grand Prix last May, Sebastian Vettel showed up to the paddock wearing a shirt that read, “Miami 2060: First Grand Prix Underwater – Act Now or Swim Later” to bring the effects of climate change to the spotlight.

Now, you can support the same cause through Seb’s Miami 2060 t-shirt.

Sebastian Vettel's t-shirts
Sebastian Vettel’s Miami 2060 T-Shirt

In December last year, Sebastian Vettel hosted a go-kart session in Saudi Arabia, specifically giving female drivers the opportunity to race to encourage more women into motorsports.

“I was trying to pass on some of my experiences in life. Obviously on track to do something together and to grow their confidence. In Saudi Arabia, women have only been allowed since 2017 to drive a car so some of them had a license, others did not. Some of them were hugely F1 enthusiasts,” Vettel shared in the press conference of the event.

Using the same hashtag, you can now sport the look from Seb’s kart session last year with his #Race4Women t-shirt.

Sebastian Vettel's t-shirts
Sebastian Vettel’s #Race4Women T-Shirt
Same Love

Sebastian Vettel has never hidden the fact that he is a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community. In fact, he has sported the pride colors at multiple races and has even openly shared that he believes that Formula 1 would “welcome” a gay driver.

Now, arguably the most popular graphic tee that he has worn can be bought on his website.

Sebastian Vettel's t-shirts
Sebastian Vettel’s Same Love T-Shirt

These four shirts are available on Sebastian Vettel’s online shop, and prices range from €70 to €80.

Although he is leaving the sport after this weekend’s race, indeed, he believes there is still a (different) race to win. And this is just another way that Seb is leaving his legacy in the sport and beyond.

Which advocacy are you supporting?

All images from Sebastian Vettel’s website.