TNC Study Hubs Bridge the Gap Between Study and Play

This Net Cafe is Looking to Bridge the Gap Between Study and Play

TNC is really looking to go ‘gaming and beyond’ with the launch of their new Study Hubs.

TNC Cyber Cafe has been an icon of Filipino gaming for 17 years, but now, they’re looking to step things up with their new Study Hubs. Today, gaming and studies are heavily reliant on internet connection and TNC is looking to bring both in one place.

With TNC’s new Study Hubs, they’re promoting their motto of ‘gaming and beyond’ as they aim to elevate the idea of gaming. Their first step is to look at the spaces where we play and figure out how they can evolve that.

This Net Cafe is Looking to Bridge the Gap Between Study and Play

TNC P.Noval is one of the first new Study Hub branches along with TNC Morayta. The Study Hub itself is located on the third floor and offers free coffee, strong wifi, and a full pantry. It’s a co-working and study area with private rooms where you can conduct meetings, both online and in person.

If ever you need to take a break from your studies, the dedicated gaming area is still right below the study hub on the second floor. Here, we have the top-of-the-line gaming experience that TNC is known for, equipped with high-quality PCs, monitors, keyboards, mouses, and headsets — all the things you need for an enhanced gaming experience.

This Net Cafe is Looking to Bridge the Gap Between Study and Play

Of course, this is just the start for TNC as they plan on having a Study Hub available near every major university. They’re planning on eventually having at least 100 branches nationwide.

Beyond the Study Hubs, they already have plans for future projects that will help reinvent the image of gaming spaces.

Elevating the Net Cafe Experience

During the launch of these new Study Hubs, TNC made it clear that the customer experience is key to their new thrust.

During the rise of net cafes there were many stores that had substandard equipment or services but survived due to being a relatively accessible and affordable way to strong PCs and fast internet. This is also where the image of net cafes being dank, poorly lit, and messy hole-in-the-walls came to be.

This Net Cafe is Looking to Bridge the Gap Between Study and Play

Then the pandemic happened and wiped out a majority of the net cafe business. Those that survived now had to really look at what would make people choose to hang out in their stores.

The Study Hub is one part and the other is customer service that makes people enjoy the time they spend. From regularly cleaning their equipment to attentive and welcoming staff, the ultimate goal of TNC is to create a shared space where people are comfortable and more than happy to return time and time again.

Banner by TNC Cyber Cafe.

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