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Three things we loved about Draymond Green’s wedding

Last Sunday, Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green celebrated his wedding to his longtime partner, Hazel Renee. And it was the wedding of the season.

Although official photos of the wedding haven’t been released yet, we’ve already seen many scenes from the celebrations from Instagram stories and videos on Twitter.

So, after some digging, these are some of our favorite parts of Draymond Green’s wedding.

The guests (and their photos)

Draymond Green and Hazel Renee’s wedding had a star-studded guest list. But of course, we didn’t expect any less from a four-time NBA champion. If you follow any of the NBA players who attended the wedding on Instagram, you’ve likely seen their photos over the weekend.

And the photos were iconic.

Draymond posted this same photo on his Instagram story the other day with a message for Lebron James saying, “Thank you my king for making my wedding 10x better. Love you 4L @kingjames.”

Also, does anybody recognize the face (or half a face, rather) that Steph Curry is covering?

We know for sure it isn’t Jayson Tatum because he’s got his own set of photos with his fellow NBA stars too.

But of all the photos, this next one may be our favorite.

Twelve NBA championship rings among the three men in this photo. That’s power right there. Plus, we love Steph’s huge smile.

Okay seriously, whoever Draymond Green hired to take these photos, we need their contact info ASAP. The photos alone make the wedding look like it was a mad good time, but we know for sure that this was only one corner of the whole party.

And the rest of the party looked like loads of fun too.

The music (and the dancing)

Not only did Draymond Green’s wedding have a star-studded guest list, but he also had some big-name artists as performers. Again, we didn’t expect anything less from the Golden State Warrior.

One of their performers was rapper DaBaby.

In only a 22-second video, DaBaby looked like he brought the house down with his performance. I mean, did you see Draymond and Hazel on the dancefloor? If the bride wasn’t in a wedding dress, I probably wouldn’t have guessed that this was a wedding reception at all.

The Greens definitely went major at their party—as they should!

But the party went even more major when Roddy Ricch joined in too.

We’re having a good time just watching these videos. We can’t even imagine what it must have been like to be there in person. But, Lebron James and Mav Carter showed us just how much of a good time they were having on the dancefloor.

If only the NBA players could also be the performers at halftime.

The ring

Of course, we can’t go without mentioning the beautiful ring on Hazel Renee’s finger. Even in poorly lit photos, you can still see the ring clear as day. But with the price that Draymond paid for the ring, you’d expect no less.

$300,000 is equivalent to about PHP 16,761,150.

All in all, the Greens definitely threw one of the best weddings of the year, and they looked like they enjoyed the whole thing themselves as well. And amidst all the trade rumors and off-season drama, the NBA stars must have enjoyed a stress-free evening with good friends, good music, and a good time.