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TITAN and Nike pair up once again for LeBron 19 Low ‘Beyond the Seas’

The third TITAN x Nike LeBron collaboration is set to be the most special one yet, with words from The King himself.

We all know how deeply rooted basketball is in Philippine culture. And TITAN and Nike Basketball have celebrated the Filipinos’ love for basketball time and time again.

Now, on the third official collaboration between TITAN, Nike Basketball, and LeBron James, they are paying homage to the passion for basketball that exists in the country. Yesterday, they announced their newest collab: TITAN x Nike LeBron 19 Low ‘Beyond the Seas’.

And to honor this passion for the sport, they have taken inspiration from a figure significant to our heritage.

The Ultramar

The half-lion, half-dolphin known as the Ultramar has been a cultural figure in Philippine culture. The figure’s name translates to ‘over the seas’ and its image was even used as the old City of Manila’s original coat-of-arms.

Many years later, the Ultramar is still ever-present in our country without us even realizing it. It appears on flags, logos, government seals, and the Legion of Honor medal.

Taking inspiration from this iconic yet overlooked figure, TITAN and Nike Basketball have created the LeBron 19 Low ‘Beyond the Seas’. The exclusive pair represents a love for the game that is so fundamental to Filipinos. Similar to the Ultramar, at times, we may even take this deeply rooted connection to the sport for granted.

But it’s our connection to basketball that connects us to so many others around the world, including LeBron James. After visiting the Philippines multiple times in the past, he has shared his appreciation for the Filipinos’ love for basketball. And conversely, Filipinos are heavily influenced by The King himself.

The new ‘Beyond the Seas’ exclusive hopes to honor that.

Beyond the Seas

The TITAN x Nike Lebron 19 Low ‘Beyond the Seas’ reflects the Philippines’ basketball culture that expands further than the country. The royal white color of the shoe shows the ingrained nature of the sport. On the other hand, the gold accents represent how special the love for basketball is among Filipinos—especially in the eyes of LeBron.

From his visits to the country in the past, he has always shared his thoughts on Filipino basketball culture. And to reflect that, the shoe also features two quotes from The King.

On one side of the shoe, it reads, “The passion for basketball in the Philippines is incredible” and on the other side, “I look forward to returning to Manila again.”

TITAN x Nike LeBron 19 Low
TITAN x Nike LeBron 19 Low

LeBron’s influence on basketball players all over the world has been huge. And to have his iconic name on a shoe exclusively for us Filipinos will certainly be yet another source of inspiration for local players.

The ‘Beyond the Seas’ was debuted on the court by an exclusive group of young basketball players from around the Philippines.

TITAN x Nike LeBron 19 Low

The TITAN x Nike Lebron 19 Low ‘Beyond the Seas’ will be available in the TITAN stores, website, and app on September 4, 2022.