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TJ Simtoco for The GAME Halftime, July 2023

Tune-Up Tunes: What’s On TJ Simtoco’s Game-Day Playlist?

Ever wondered what was on your favorite athlete’s playlist? We asked TJ Simtoco — here are his top five songs.

Music is a huge part of the sports world. Songs, especially when they are personal to someone, can bring out a lot of positive energy — the kind of energy that can fuel an athlete right before an important game. This is why athletes are frequently seen in headphones, and whenever they are, we’re sure many fans wonder, what songs are they listening to?

We get it, and we’d love to know too, so we asked TJ Simtoco.

TJ is a young Filipino footballer, and when The GAME got the opportunity to sit down with him, he was fresh off of his first victory in the Copa Paulino Alcantara — one of the Philippines’ biggest football tournaments for the year, playing for one of the top teams, Club de Futbol Manila. And one of the most impressive parts of this one victory is that TJ made the CF Manila lineup six months since his return to football, after spending six years competing in another sport.

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So we had to know — what was TJ listening to right before that first win? He gave us his top songs on his game-day playlist:


Ken San Jose is an up-and-coming artist who also happens to be a personal friend of TJ’s. No wonder this topped his list — personal connections make music way more meaningful.

Where Do I Fit In

Where Do I Fit In is a gospel song by Justin Bieber, and having this on his top five songs reflects one of TJ’s biggest values. He considers himself a very religious individual, and he always makes sure to keep himself grounded by being active in Church services. 

Promises Never Fail

Promises Never Fail is another very powerful gospel song. One of TJ’s biggest goals as an athlete, as he told The GAME, is to make sure to thank God for everything that he has around him, especially his second chance at playing football, so even while warming up for his game, he channels this goal through his music too.

Sleigh Ride

This one is arguably the most surprising song on TJ’s top five game-day songs. But Christmas music can never bring out any negative energy, so we totally get it.


What game-day playlist is complete without a touch of hip-hop?

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