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Tunnel Vision: 9 Fits that Won the First Week of the NBA Playoffs

The NBA Playoffs are officially in full swing — the time when players show up for their team, and it starts in the tunnel.

For a lot of NBA players, the game starts as soon as they walk into the tunnel — and it definitely shows, as stadium tunnels are close to fashion show runways with how dressed up the players get before every game.

And, because the stakes are higher now that we are in the thick of the NBA playoffs, the fits are getting hotter too.

Here are some of the tunnel looks that turned our heads from the first week of the 2023 NBA playoffs.

1. Jaylen Brown
Jaylen Brown 2023 NBA Playoffs
(Photo credit: Boston Celtics on Twitter)

When it’s all about Banner 18, it’s all about green for the Boston Celtics, and in week one of the NBA playoffs, no fit showed off their team colors better than this clean, sleek look by Jaylen Brown.

2. Devin Booker
Devin Booker 2023 NBA Playoffs
(Photo credit: Phoenix Suns on Twitter)

At first glance, Devin Booker looks like he’s in another one of the usual simple-yet-stylish outfits that always work for him. But, looking a little bit closer, we’re loving the subtle stitched patterns on his pants, giving him a little extra flair for the playoffs.

3. Dejounte Murray
Dejounte Murray 2023 NBA Playoffs
(Photo credit: Atlanta Hawks on Instagram)

After two games in Boston, the Hawks returned to Atlanta in style, and it was Dejounte Murray’s Louis Vuitton varsity jacket and matching Louis Vuitton kicks that stole the show for us.

4. Harrison Barnes
Harrison Barnes 2023 NBA Playoffs
(Photo credit: Sacramento Kings on Instagram)

Entering the Bay Area in the first week of the NBA playoffs, Harrison Barnes made sure to enter the tunnel looking as sharp as possible.

5. LeBron James
LeBron James
(Photo credit: Los Angeles Lakers on Instagram)

LeBron James never fails to show up in style, and as it is officially playoffs season, he did not disappoint with this fresh fit.

6. Jaren Jackson Jr.
Jaren Jackson Jr.
(Photo credit: Memphis Grizzlies on Instagram)

As the defensive player of the year, you can always count on Jaren Jackson Jr. to show up. And he did, even in the tunnel. Sporting a black-and-white look, we’re not so sure — is it a suit? Or a vest? Or a suit with shorts? Whatever it may be, we can’t stop looking.

7. Nickeil Alexander-Walker
Nickeil Alexander-Walker
(Photo credit: Minnesota Timberwolves on Instagram)

From going on the road with fully patched-up denim pants to this muted yet bold layered fit, it seems that Nickeil Alexander-Walker is maximizing the playful elements of his style with his looks this playoffs season — and what better time to do so?

8. Donovan Mitchell
Donovan Mitchell 2023 NBA Playoffs
(Photo credit: Cleveland Cavaliers on Instagram)

Also playing with some painted details on his clothes, we love how Donovan Mitchell tied his entire outfit to his vibrant jacket, using muted colors for his top and bottom to bring out the jacket all the more, and using a red cap and red kicks to bring it all together.

9. Kevon Looney
Kevon Looney 2023 NBA Playoffs
(Photo credit: Golden State Warriors on Instagram)

When you’re playing on the road, the team colors matter more, and we love how Kevon Looney showed up sporting the gold in Sacramento.

Who do you think is winning the playoffs-style game so far?

Banner images from Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers, and Atlanta Hawks on Instagram.

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