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The Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks’ 2024 NBA Finals Outfits 

Tunnel Vision: The Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks’ Best Looks From 2024 NBA Finals 

As expected, the Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks arrived in their best outfits for the 2024 NBA Finals. 

The 2024 NBA Finals are officially over, with the Boston Celtics winning their historic 18th NBA championship against the Dallas Mavericks. As always, players from both teams turned arena tunnels into runways as they arrived in their best looks. 

Read through for some of our favorite looks from this year’s NBA Finals! 

Boston Celtics:
Kristaps Porzingis
(Photo Credit: Boston Celtics on X)

After a one-game absence, Kristaps Porzingis arrived for Game 5 in this green three-piece suit — perfectly fitting for the occasion. A classy way to show up for a game, as the Latvian big boasts Celtic colors.

Payton Prichard
NBA Finals outfits: Payton
(Photo Credit: Boston Celtics on Instagram)

Long-range sniper Payton Prichard showed up in this baseball jersey-like top, off-white shorts, and brown clogs. On top of having a comfy look, we also love the cohesion in this fit, with the tones of each piece perfectly complementing each other. 

Derrick White
NBA Finals outfits: Derrick White
(Photo Credit: Boston Celtics on Instagram)

In their NBA Finals opener, Derrick White opted for this all-white Prada look mixed with some Dior sneakers. On top of the monochrome look, White’s outfit is given a luxury vibe thanks to the leather finishes of the Prada pieces. 

Jayson Tatum
NBA Finals outfits: Jayson Tatum
(Photo Credit: Boston Celtics on Instagram)

Like everyone else, Jayson Tatum truly meant business for the NBA Finals. That’s probably why he arrived in this beige pinstripe suit for Game 2 against Luka Doncic and the Mavs. 

As a bonus, Tatum’s suit is seemingly complementary to his skin tone, which is another plus for this look. 

Jaylen Brown
NBA Finals outfits: Jaylen Brown
(Photo Credit: Boston Celtics on Instagram)

To close out the NBA Finals, Jaylen Brown (fittingly) wore this all-black outfit against the Mavs. A fashion-forward player himself, the Finals MVP added some shades, a hat, and a necklace to elevate the overall look.

There are also black slacks and leather boots, which balance out the street-style elements seen through his black top, shades, hat, and necklace. 

Dallas Mavericks:
Luka Doncic
NBA Finals outfits: Luka
(Photo Credit: Dallas Mavericks on Instagram)

Over in Dallas, here’s Luka Doncic looking figuratively and literally clean with an all-white double-breasted suit. High risk (let’s be honest about wearing all-white) and a high reward for the Mavs star in getting his style points, if we’re being honest. 

Josh Green
NBA Finals outfits: Josh Green
(Photo Credit: Dallas Mavericks on Instagram)

While it’s a straightforward look, we can’t help but notice the patterns on Josh Green’s jacket, which does more than enough to elevate this NBA Finals outfit. 

PJ Washington
(Photo Credit: Dallas Mavericks on Instagram)

PJ Washington is a clear example of why an all-denim look just works. Notably, PJ also went for shorts, which makes this look pretty much aligned with current fashion trends. 

The forward look is accompanied by a baby blue Louis Vuitton duffle that works as a good complement to the denim pieces. And while it’s a very, very subtle detail, PJ’s blue iPhone indirectly turns itself into an accessory to complete his NBA Finals outfit. 

Dwight Powell
(Photo Credit: Dallas Mavericks on Instagram)

Another suited-up hooper is Dwight Powell, who rocked this black three-piece suit against the Celtics. To achieve a slightly dressed-down feel, the Mavericks big went for white sneakers instead of the expected dress shoes. 

Dereck Lively II
NBA Finals outfits: Porzingis
(Photo Credit: Dallas Mavericks on Instagram)

Even in the fashion game, Dereck Lively II has proven to us that he belongs to the NBA. Just look at this look from the young Big, which features matching pieces with swan-centric patterns. 

Banner images from the Boston Celtics and Dallas Mavericks on Facebook and X.

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