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Vogue Philippines puts spotlight on Philippine sports starting with Alex Eala and National Esports athletes

Ever since Vogue Philippines launched in the country, their brand has been all about celebrating our country and our culture. In fact, before the release of their highly anticipated maiden issue last August, Editor-in-Chief, Bea Valdes, expressed that their stories are “filled with hometown heroes and global dreams all seen through Vogue’s unique lens.”

And, right from the get-go, they have acknowledged that sports are a huge part of the Philippines’ stories.

Before Vogue Philippines celebrated its official launch, MEGA Global Licensing, Inc. President, Suki Salvador, told us that the magazine hopes to shine a light on the sports industry of the country. This includes the struggles, challenges, and adversities that athletes face all in the name of their passion.

Now, in the media powerhouse’s latest issue, they have done exactly that.

Cover Girl Alex Eala

Vogue Philippines welcomed the month of November making a huge splash by turning Filipino Junior Grand Slam Champion Alex Eala into their cover girl.

Vogue Philippines’ November 2022 cover.

A few weeks after her historic win at the last US Open, the Vogue Philippines team visited the 17-year-old in Mallorca where she trains at the Rafa Nadal Academy. In the cover story, Alex talks about her humble beginnings, her support system, and how she feels about representing the Philippines on a global stage.

“I think it’s nice na may representation yung Pilipinas sa world tennis stage,” she says in the exclusive interview.

In addition to learning more about Alex Eala’s young career, the cover put the athlete in a different light. Although we are used to seeing her head-to-toe in her tennis gear, she lets her hair down for the shoot with Vogue.

Image courtesy of Vogue Philippines.

On the coastline of Son Serra de Marina, Eala ditches the athleisure for a day and instead sports a whole wardrobe of designer clothes. Our favorite has to be the Kelvin Morales‘ custom tennis barong.

Now, as a cover girl for Vogue, a feature many girls can only dream of, the spotlight on her shines even brighter. But she does not shy away from it. “I’m happy that I have such a strong group of supporters. And I don’t like to think of it as pressure. I’m happy that I can give them hope. I’m happy that I can give them something to follow. It makes me more motivated to work,” she tells Vogue.

However, it isn’t just the history-making tennis champion that Vogue Philippines is bringing to its storied stage. Their commitment to Philippine sports goes beyond already reputable champions.

All About Representation

Included in Vogue Philippines’ November 2022 issue is a feature article on three female esports athletes.

It would be an understatement to call esports an up-and-coming sport. If anything, it has already proven its place among other mainstream sports such as basketball and football, especially in the Philippines. And an increasing amount of athletes are beginning to rise through the ranks, both locally and internationally.

Image courtesy of Vogue Philippines.

Among these athletes are the three female members of the Philippines’ national team, known as Team Sibol. Angel “Angelailaila” Lozada, April “Aeae” Valiente, and Charize “Yugen” Doble make up half of the women’s Wild Rift champions.

“Esports is hard. It’s a job,” Doble tells Vogue. “Playing is fun, but the draining part is the discussion afterward, where you have to analyze and strategize.”

In Vogue Philippines’ feature on the three, they discuss the culture of sexism in the esports industry both locally and internationally. And, as players in a male-dominated sport, the media brand puts them in the spotlight as role models for other young women who want to thrive in the same industry.

Indeed, Vogue Philippines is staying true to their promise of bringing the stories of Filipino athletes to light using their global influence. And, as these athletes aim to conquer the international stage, this is one of the best platforms to share their stories, both in their struggles and successes.