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WATCH: F1 Just Dropped Their Intro For 2023!

It’s always a fight for pole position for these F1 drivers and fans are now revving their engines after watching the new intro for 2023.

The official Formula 1 (F1) Facebook page and YouTube just dropped its newest intro to welcome the 2023 season, featuring the roster of drivers for every team.

It definitely elicits a Marvel movie feel as the drivers are showcased in their driving suits and the colors of their teams. Although there are some familiar faces, some of the old favorites also left the roster, including 4-Time World Champion Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel.

You can watch the video below:

What do the Fans of F1 have to say?

Fans poured in many comments — some funny, others sad, and the majority, revved up. One commented, “It’s strange not seeing Vettel or Ricardo there.” Sebastian Vettel once raced against the big names that made Formula 1 popular such as Kimi Raikkonen, unfortunately retiring late last year to focus more on family life.

The boys of Mercedes, 7-time world champion Lewis Hamilton and George Russell heated things up. The fans already noticed Russell’s “smolder”. One commented, “George had one chance and he was ready.”

Even F1 veteran Nico Hulkenberg debuted himself in the intro, revealing himself as Kevin Magnussen’s partner from team Haas. One comment wished him luck with his “return to the grid.”

Time to race for the Checkered Flag, boys!

Formula 1 2023 is coming up this Sunday, March 5, 2023, and kicking off with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Bahrain is known for its speed trap and then the sudden intro of a chicane in the first half, which has trapped many rookie drivers into spinning out. But the real dog fights will happen along the long straights where all the speed traps are. Time to rev up those engines!

Banner image from F1 on Twitter.

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