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We are The GAME: Meet the team ready to #LetTheGameBegin

After months of hard work and preparation, we are excited to be a part of One MEGA Group as their first sports title. We are The GAME.

We are the newest mark of OMG’s standard of Filipino media excellence, and we’re here to bring you the aspirational sports lifestyle stories that every sports fan craves.

Here at The GAME, we believe in one thing: Celebrating the true spirit of sports. But what do we mean by the true spirit of sports? We’ll let the team behind the brand answer that question.

Editor-in-Chief: Amanda Fernandez

Meet our editor-in-chief, Amanda Fernandez. She is a former football player who has not only represented the Philippines in international tournaments but has also led and managed her own team. With her experience as an athlete and entrepreneur, she wholly believes in elevating Philippine sports through The GAME’s storytelling.

What makes your storytelling uniquely The GAME?

Storytelling for the Game should always be done with the intent to inspire or affect positive change to the reader’s lives. The more personal and honest the story is, the more powerful it will be. In the same way, The Game’s narrative style should aim to paint a focused picture with a clear and lasting message. This whilst simultaneously depicting the details, events, and experiences, using colorful descriptions, similes, and metaphors to elicit the emotions of the audience.

Storytelling for the Game will try its best to encompass all the elements needed to take the journey in an honest and loving format. It will strive to serve as the platform athletes, players, coaches, fans, organizations, and the like shall turn to for aspiration and credible narratives.

Amanda’s Player Profile

  • Favorite sport: Football
  • Favorite team: The Filipinas
  • Strength: Tenacity and drive
  • Weakness: Early mornings
Founding Publisher: James Cruz

The man who started it all is our founding publisher, James Cruz. Having been a part of One Mega Group since 2012, he definitely understands what it means to strive for Filipino media excellence. And with his expertise and his undeniable passion for Philippine sports, he is driving The GAME forward in our mission to upgrade this country’s industry by capturing its many stories.

What makes your storytelling uniquely The GAME?

It will be uniquely The Game because I’ll be attacking these stories with a cocktail of perspectives—first and foremost, my takes will undoubtedly be unique coming from the lens I wear as the founder of The Game. It goes without saying that the mission to elevate the overall Filipino sports entertainment experience will always be top of mind.

Mix that with my own history and experiences of being a sports fan from a young kid all the way to today, together with a thing or two I learned along the way in media and in business, then you have a truly unique take on things.

James’ Player Profile

  • Favorite sport: Basketball
  • Favorite athlete: Tracy McGrady
  • Strength: Never gives up
  • Weakness: Can’t resist halo-halo
Writer: Annika Caniza

Passionate about writing and passionate about sports, our writer Annika Caniza is here to make sure that the stories that The GAME tells get the justice that they deserve. As a former sports writer for her university, she understands that sports writing is more than just capturing moments in the game. It’s about discovering the stories behind them.

What makes your storytelling uniquely The GAME?

Ever since I watched my first live sports game when I was seven years old, I’ve been a huge sports fan. But I wasn’t just a fan of the plays on the field or the scores on the board—I grew up loving all of it. The athletes, the crowds, the stadiums, the coaches, the trainers. 

There are so many layers in sports that I’ve loved learning about growing up. And as a writer, I want to tell all the stories that collectively make up the sports we love. Not just the highlights and recaps, but the stories of unsung heroes, the stories that can make us all better athletes or players, and the stories that inspire. I think that’s how The GAME celebrates the true spirit of sports—it celebrates everything about sports.”

Annika’s Player Profile

  • Favorite sport: Motorsports
  • Favorite athlete: Fernando Alonso
  • Strength: Creativity
  • Weakness: A good underdog story
Multimedia Artist: Ryan Paglinawan

While there is more than what meets the eye in sports, our multimedia artist Ryan Paglinawan understands how to strive for media excellence. He has been working in the media industry since 2012. Along with his passion for sports, he helps to bring all our stories to life, all while making them unique to our brand’s identity and mission.

What makes your storytelling uniquely The GAME?

With my version of visual storytelling, I want to capture the parts that go beyond the game. More than just telling the why’s and the how’s of the story, I want to capture the emotions in every point, every miss, all the highs and lows, and all the wins and losses.

Ryan’s Player Profile

  • Favorite sport: Basketball
  • Favorite team: Barangay Ginebra
  • Strength: My never-say-die attitude
  • Weakness: Sweets
We are The GAME.

While we are a small team, we are a passionate bunch. And we are all excited to bring you the stories that not only bring to you all the sides of the sports community but also remind you that being here, you are part of the story as well.