NBA All-Star Joakim Noah Gives Advice to Young Filipino Athletes

What it Takes to Win: This NBA All-Star Gives His Advice to Young Filipino Athletes

Many Filipinos dream of making it big in the world of basketball. This NBA All-Star shares what he thinks is the biggest key to success.

Passion for basketball runs far and wide in the Philippines, and two-time NBA All-Star Joakim Noah witnessed this first-hand during his recent visit to the country, where he met many passionate hoopers and even got to coach young Filipino players at a Jr. NBA Clinic in Manila.

Joakim surely must have been able to recognize a little bit of himself within some of the young dreamers. After all, once upon a time, he also dreamed of making it to the NBA. And through his hard work, he was able to make this dream come true.

Although he was never able to win a ring, Noah still became a full-fledged NBA star. Playing for the Chicago Bulls, he became a two-time NBA All-Star and the NBA Defensive Player of the Year in 2014.

Now, he hopes that other youngsters can exhibit a similar kind of dedication to the game that will help them realize their own dreams, particularly among the big Filipino basketball community.

Speaking with The GAME, Joakim Noah offered his advice, not just for Filipino hoopers, but for all Pinoy athletes with a dream.

Joakim Noah playing basketball with Filipinos in the CCP Bukaneng Court in Pasay City
Joakim Noah hooping with some Filipino basketball players. (Photo credit: Courtesy of Hatch Solutions)

“I think for young people, it’s very important to understand that this is a team sport. Basketball is a team sport, and everyone has a role to play,” he told The GAME.

“So even though you wanna be the Kobe Bryant, you wanna be the LeBron James, sometimes it’s about playing a role and to impact winning. And I think the mentality is not, ‘I’m the best,’ and it’s about ‘How can I affect the team?’ you’ll have a better chance at going further and winning.”

As someone who has spent years playing various roles throughout his career playing in the NBA and for the French national team, he believes this is a key ingredient to success — knowing what you have to offer and being able to deliver on this front to the best of your abilities.

“This is a message not just for basketball, it’s about team building, coming together, and doing something that’s bigger than yourself.”

Images courtesy of Hatch Solutions.

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