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Hali Long, Alyssa Valdez, Inna Palacios (athletes at the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala)

What the Athletes at the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala Wore to the Black Carpet

They impress on the court, and they impress off the court. Here’s what the athletes wore on their night out at the Vogue Gala.

The world of sports ties closely with the world of fashion, especially now, in the age of connection, an athlete’s identity can made up of much more than what sport they play. Athletes are now seen as icons, role models, and even change-makers. And as Vogue Philippines celebrates its first anniversary, they are also celebrating the icons and industry leaders to commemorate their journey in chronicling the Filipino identity.

Vogue Philippines has featured many Filipino athletes over the course of the last year. Most notably, they put Filipina tennis player Alex Eala on the cover of their November 2022 issue, creating a lasting impression in the local sports industry. Since then, they have also gone on to feature other names including players of the Filipinas, racing driver Bianca Bustamante, and esports athletes Angel Lozada, April Valiente, and Charize Doble.

At the Vogue Philippines Gala, to mark their anniversary celebration, the theme was Common Threads: Re/Creating Fashion, highlighting sustainability in fashion, and going back to our roots.

Following this theme, this is what the athletes at the 2023 Vogue Philippines Gala wore to the special occasion.

Hali Long and Inna Palacios
Athletes at the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala: Hali Long and Inna Palcios
(Photo credit: Vogue Philippines)

Still on a high from their 2023 Women’s World Cup run, and in the middle of training sessions in preparation for the upcoming Asian Games, Philippine Women’s National Football Team players Inna Palacios and Hali Long weren’t sure if they were going to make it. But we’re so happy they did because they executed the theme of Rewear perfectly, thanks to a friend they met at their Vogue photoshoot last May.

Inna and Hali showed up in matching pieces designed by Filipino designer, Rio Cuervo. Inna’s jacket and Hali’s top were both created from recycled textiles. “This is an archive piece that we re-wore and she resized for the event,” Inna explained.

“Rio is the perfect person for rework, re-wear, and re-purpose because all of her fabrics are forgotten fabrics. I also think it makes them more one of a kind because you never know if you’re going to get that again,” Hali added.

Bianca Bustamante
Athletes at the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala: Bianca Bustamante
(Photo credit: Vogue Philippines)

A day before the Vogue Philippines Gala, Filipino racer Bianca Bustamante was on the track at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas competing in the USF Juniors during her summer break from the all-female racing series, F1 Academy. Even despite her busy calendar that’s been taking her all over the world, exhaustion did not come with Bianca’s look when she walked the carpet at the Vogue Philippines Gala.

Taking a break from her racing overalls, Bianca came to the Gala in a black-and-white Prada look, highlighted by her skirt from Prada’s Re-Nylon project, made of recycled plastic. If the concept of the outfit was re-wear, she definitely played with the theme with elegance.

Alyssa Valdez
Athletes at the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala: Alyssa Valdez
(Photo credit: Vogue Philippines)

Alyssa Valdez looked right at home in the Vogue Gala, surrounded by all the guests (and fellow athletes) in stunning looks, with a stunning look of her own. Wearing a piece designed by Jaime Olinan, she described her white gown as “Very clean, very simple. It just represents me.”

But even though she fit in perfectly around the many stars in attendance, she admitted, “This is kind of new to us, this kind of environment, since I think this is part of the few times when we get to dress up.”

Majoy Baron
Athletes at the Vogue Philippines Anniversary Gala: Majoy Baron
(Photo credit: Vogue Philippines)

Majoy Baron arrived at the Vogue Gala turning heads with her bold yet understated black gown. Designed by Neric Beltran, she shared that this piece was taken from his 2018 collection, fitting the Rewear theme.

Despite being a re-worn piece, Majoy definitely gave the beautiful gown a brand-new look.

Which of these athletes impressed you the most with their Vogue Philippines outfit?

Images courtesy of Vogue Philippines.

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