Which of the Hopeful Wildcards will make it to M5?

Which Of The Hopeful Wildcards Will Make It To M5?

Only two of these eight hopefuls will earn the right to play at M5.

M5 is nearly upon us and to kick things off we have the Wildcard stage taking place at Selangor, Malaysia. Here, eight teams from smaller developing regions get the chance to prove themselves worthy enough to move on to the group stage.

Starting November 23, all teams will be separated into two groups to play a single round-robin. Each match will be a best-of-three and the top two of each group will play in the crossover matches. 

Here the first place in each group will face the runner-up in the other’s group in a single best-of-five match. The remaining teams will have to put everything on the line as the winner from each match will move on to the group stage set at the EVM Convention Center in the Philippines.

The Wildcards to Watch Out For

The one that everyone’s immediately paying attention to is Keep Best Gaming, the representatives from the newly established Chinese region. Consisting of young and talented players, KBG is eager to prove itself in the world of Mobile Legends. Their coach, Webby, has said they’ve extensively studied the Philippine and Indonesian metas in preparation for the Wildcard. Given time, however, he hopes that China can put its own stamp on the international scene.

Then there are the favorites to make it out of the Wildcard stage and into M5, Team SMG. As one of the powerhouse teams of Malaysia, they narrowly lost their chance to go straight to the group stage after losing against HomeBois 4-3 in the MPL MY grand finals. With a chip that bogs on their shoulders, nothing is going to get in their way of exacting their revenge.

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