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Why are Super Bowl Ads Such a Big Deal?

When watching sports live on TV, commercial breaks are the perfect time to grab a snack or rush to the bathroom. But, when you’re watching the Super Bowl, commercial breaks are not to be missed.

This is because viewers get way more excited about the ads during the Super Bowl than any other live sports event in the world.

In fact, a survey by Kantar found that around one-third of fans who watch the Super Bowl consider the ads are their favorite part of the entire game.

Have you ever wondered why?

Why are Super Bowl ads such a big deal, anyway?

The Super Bowl is a huge marketing opportunity for companies. This is mainly because the NFL’s viewership can reach up to 100 million people from all around the world.

And because the NFL broadcasters know just how many fans tune into the Super Bowl, their ad spaces are among the most expensive in the world as well.

Last year, a 30-second advertising slot for the game reportedly cost $6.5 million. This year, it’s up to $7 million. That is a huge investment.

Thus, with companies spending that much money to market their brands, they always make the most out of it. All in all, the ads come out to be some of the most entertaining ones out there.

NFL games have a lot of stoppage time, meaning that there is a lot more space for commercials in comparison to other sports.

With this, broadcasters usually choose around 60 ads to feature throughout the entire game.

Often, companies feature big-name celebrities to draw more attention to what they are selling. Some even generate hype around their ads by posting ‘teasers’ on their social media pages.

With all the efforts that go into them, the Super Bowl ads keep millions of viewers glued to their seats during commercial breaks. And, after the game, they also become a fun point of conversation among fans.

What are some of the best Super Bowl ads?

Advertising at the Super Bowl has not always been as crazed as it is nowadays.

Many people consider Apple’s 1984 commercial as the one that revolutionized how fans view Super Bowl ads, as it played more like a short film rather than a marketing strategy.

Since then, every year, the contest for ‘best commercial’ has been up for grabs. These are some of the best ones in history:


Always’ #LikeaGirl commercial is one of the most memorable Super Bowl ads. In fact, you’ve probably seen it without knowing that it was aired during the Super Bowl in 2015.

The ‘It’s a Tide Ad‘ commercial from the 2018 Super Bowl goes down as one of the best, as it cleverly points out that every ad is a Tide ad.

Cheetos’ ‘It wasn’t me’ Super Bowl commercial featured Hollywood couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, plus Shaggy’s iconic song, which made for a good laugh in between touchdowns.


Finally, one of the most heart-melting commercials was Budweiser’s ‘Puppy Love’ ad. Dramatic music, an adorable puppy, and gorgeous horses — it felt like a movie in 60 seconds.

Which Super Bowl ad is your favorite?

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