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World Cup Kit Contest: The 7 nations with the best looks

The 2022 FIFA World Cup is fast approaching. And throughout the past months, there has been much excitement over what we can expect from the tournament. The legendary players, the rivalries, the stickers, and of course, the kits.

One of the most talked-about aspects of any World Cup are the nations’ unique ways of expressing themselves through their jerseys.

So, among the 32 countries competing, these are our seven favorite World Cup kits this year.

7. Denmark: Less is More

When we say that Denmark went for a monochromatic look for their kits, we really mean it. Their home kit is as simple as it gets.

The beauty is in its simplicity. The colors of the jersey and logos are all the same shade of red, giving the team a tonal look. With it, the dark red details of the sleeves, inspired by the pattern of their 1992 kit, and the players’ numbers are all the more highlighted.

6. Netherlands: Lions in Lions’ Clothing

For those of you who are wondering why the Dutch always wear orange, it’s because it is the color of the Dutch Royal Family. And they used it perfectly for this year’s World Cup kit.

The home kit definitely represents the Netherlands as a nation. Apart from its color, the pattern created by the dark and light shades of orange create a print that Nike refers to as the “dancing swirl”. It is meant to imitate the look of a lion’s mane.

5. South Korea: Release the Wolves

We are big fans of South Korea’s World Cup looks, especially with the away kit.

While the bright red home kit looks good too, we think their away kit stands out more by far. The black kit features multicolor graphics that are meant to symbolize the colors of the Taegeuk, the symbol on their country’s flag. And, as bright primary colors, they stand out and represent the energy of the team.

4. Argentina: Purple Rush

The blue-and-white colors of Argentina’s World Cup kit will always be iconic. But their away kit this year is something special.

Adidas labeled the kit’s color as ‘Legacy Indigo’ or ‘Purple Rush’, and it features different shades of purple and accents of silver. And although the color scheme stands out, it was the pattern that caught our eye. The fiery graphic on the kit is inspired by the Sol de Mayo. This translates to ‘Sun of May’, which is the national emblem of Argentina.

3. France: The Colors of Champions

France is the reigning champion in the World Cup, and they want us to remember it.

Similar to why we loved Denmark’s kits, France is keeping it classy with the simplicity of their home kit. The ‘Midnight Navy’ of the shirt highlights the ‘Metallic Gold’ accents of their federation and Nike’s logos, perfectly encapsulate their reigning victory.

But we also have to give a special mention to their away kit. The white base with the light blue graphics are inspired by the traditional French fabric called Toile de Jouy.

2. Belgium: LOVE

While ‘LOVE’ is exactly how we feel about Belgium’s World Cup kit, it’s actually also what’s written on it.

Belgium’s away kit is mainly white with a multicolored print as accents on the sleeves, hems, and collars. The pattern is actually inspired by Adidas’ capsule collection in collaboration with Belgian FA and Tomorrowland “LOVE”. The bright and vibrant colors truly pop against the plain white, and will definitely be one of the most aesthetic looks of the World Cup.

1. Mexico: The Feathered Serpent

Finally, our winner has to be Mexico’s World Cup kit. While their green home kit keeps with their traditional color scheme, their away kit caught everyone’s attention.

Their away kit still features their country’s colors. The prints are predominantly red, and the shorts and collarline are green. But what stands out most is the graphic.

The print of Mexico’s away kit is Aztek-inspired, and has been designed to “summon” the fighting energy of the Aztec deities. And there are different symbols that make up the entire pattern, including a conch shell, the malinalli, the spirals, and the fires.

As one of the firsts, this kit caught our eye early on. And we’re still not over how good it looks.

But, there are 32 nations competing in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. So which team has the best look in your opinion?