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Yes, You Can Play Golf Even When It’s Raining—Here’s Where

We all hate canceling a golf game when it’s raining out. But now, there are ways to get in a good session no matter what the weather.

Ever spent a whole week looking forward to a golf game, only for the weather to call for a rain check? We’ve been there, and it sucks.

But, lucky for us, there are now a handful of places you can go where you can still play in the rain. Yes, you read that right. We’re talking about virtual golf.

Recently, virtual facilities have been popping up, which is is perfect for when it’s raining out. Though it may not come close to being on the green, it’s still great for keeping your game sharp.


City of Dreams really can make your golf dreams come true because this is where you can visit K-Golf for a virtual session.

K-Golf is an indoor facility that boasts some of the latest golfing simulation technology. Their equipment uses hyper-realistic graphics to get you a close feel of actually being on the fairway with their virtual 18-hole course.

You can bring your own set of clubs to use, but K-Golf also offers clubs that you can rent. So if you want to take some of your friends who don’t play the game yet, this would be a fun introduction to the game as well.

K-Golf is located in City of Dreams, Manila. Their rates start at PHP 800 for the first hour, and PHP 200 for every additional hour. Check out their website for more details.

18 1/2 Bar & Restaurant

Whether you’re up for a serious or a just-for-fun game, you should definitely hit up 18 1/2 Bar & Restaurant. Yes, it is a bar and restaurant, but they have virtual golf too. Could this be a match made in heaven?

Inside their restaurant, 18 1/2 has their own virtual playrooms, where they feature high-end simulators. Their equipment also makes use of realistic visuals so you can play on a virtual golf course.

And the best part is you can eat and drink all you want while you play. If we could be eating and drinking nonstop on a golf course, more people would probably be into the game.

So whether you want the space to conveniently practice your game or you just want a fun night out with your buddies, you can make a reservation for their play room on their Facebook page.

18 1/2 Bar & Restaurant is located at 532 Remedios St. in Malate, Manila.

Virtual Golf

If you’re looking for a place where you can even on a rainy day and get instruction from a coach, you should check out Virtual Golf.

Virtual Golf is an indoor facility located in Loyola Grand Villas (LGV), Katipunan. Their center has five bays, each one featuring a virtual course, driving range simulations, and other practice features.

They even have coaches to help golfers make the most out of their high-tech facilities to better their game. All in all, this makes for a great place to play for anyone who wants to learn the sport.

But, there is a small catch. Located within LGV, in order to book a reservation, you need to be an LGV resident or be endorsed by one. To use their facilities, their rates start at PHP 550 per hour.

If you’re eager to make a reservation, you can check out their Facebook page.

So, who’s down for a (virtual) golf game?