Gilas vs. Jordan in FIBA Asian Qualifiers

4 Things That Caught Our Eye from the Gilas Heartbreak vs Jordan

Despite having several chances to take the lead and even get the W at the end of the game, Gilas fell short to Jordan with a score of 90-91.

Gilas Pilipinas’ second game of the sixth window wasn’t quite the storybook ending the team was hoping for, as Jordan got their revenge on the Philippines.  Despite having several chances to take the lead and even get the dub at the end of the game, Gilas fell short to the visiting Jordanians with a final score of 90-91. However, the visitors, while leading by a large margin, weren’t exactly cruising to victory, as the game was still filled with nervous and tense moments, especially in the second half.

Here are four things that we hand-picked to help tell the story of how the game played out.

16/26 or 61.5%

We cannot talk about this game without hailing the monster of a performance put up by Justin Brownlee who contributed 41 points and 12 rebounds. While Jordan may have gotten the jump on our squad early with their hot start, Justin Noypi more than earned his stripes as his lights-out shooting helped keep Gilas in striking distance of our opponents.


The number of seconds that Gilas enjoyed the lead — the polar opposite of the game the team had against Lebanon which had them in the driver’s seat for most of the match. Unlike the Lebanon game, however, while Jordan may have held the lead for almost the entirety of the game clock, Gilas threatened to overtake several times even tying the game at 88-88 with less than two minutes to go.


This number represents the biggest lead that Jordan held over Gilas, at 41-16 with 8:41 to go in the second quarter. This was what the boys in blue almost successfully overcame proving that basketball truly is a momentum-based game, as they fought hard to bring down this big deficit.


This was the total number of points that Jordan scored in the third quarter.

With Brownlee waxing hot and all, one might think that Gilas clawed their way back into the game with offense. But, what really did the job was our defense. Sure, the ‘law of averages’ also played its part, but we cannot take away from the defensive effort that the team showed in the third frame which led to fast break points, or just an overall faster game tempo — which almost always favors the Pinoy style of basketball.

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