5 Pros You Need to Watch Out for in Tekken 8

5 Pros You Need to Watch Out For in Tekken 8

These five are definitely looking to make an impact in the latest installment of the King of Iron Fist Tournament.

With Tekken 8 right around the corner and the World Tour starting not long after, you can bet that the pros are already getting ready for the next battle. It’s that magical moment for a new fighting game where people are waiting to see who gets a head start.

The fighting’s going to be fierce and we think these five players are the ones to keep an eye on.

Jeannail “Cuddle Core” Carter
5 Pros You Need to Watch Out for in Tekken 8
Jeannail “Cuddle Core” Carter competing at the 2018 Tekken World Tour Last Chance Qualifier. (Photo credit: Robert Paul)

First up is one of the more popular and known faces in the Tekken community. Cuddle Core has been terrorizing pros with her Alisa since 2015. Since then she’s grown not just as a competitor but as a content creator as well. She’s been a host, commentator, and coach, all while remaining a real threat against Tekken’s top contenders. We’ll see if she can keep up that momentum in Tekken 8.

Alexander “AK” Lavarez
5 Pros You Need to Watch Out for in Tekken 8
Alexander “AK” Lavarez competing at the 2023 Tekken World Tour Last Chance Qualifier. (Photo credit: Li Hoang)

One of the most well-known Filipino esports athletes is looking for a fresh start in Tekken 8. AK’s list of achievements and tournament performances are impressive, to say the least. He’s a consistent face in both local and international competitions and regularly makes it to the top eight or even grand finals.

Unfortunately, AK’s Tekken 7 career can be summed up as “always the bridesmaid, never the bride.” He’s been plagued with heartbreaking finishes where he always falls short of achieving greatness. For him, Tekken 8 is a chance to reset and get that championship title that’s always eluded him. 

Vincent “Super Akouma” Homan
5 Pros You Need to Watch Out for in Tekken 8
Vincent “Super Akouma” Homan celebrates a win at Red Bull Golden Letters 2023 (Photo credit: Mark Roe/Red Bull Content Pool)

This Frenchman is a bit of a curiosity among Tekken’s pro players. As you may have guessed, Super Akouma has only played one character in Tekken 7’s lifespan and that is Akuma. He’s drawn the ire of many due to his loyalty to what has been the strongest character in the game but now he’s in a bind as Akuma is not present in Tekken 8.

Of course, all pros face this potential problem when a new installment of a fighting game comes out. Pros who are dedicated to one character usually have to hope and wait for their mains to be reincluded down the line. What’s interesting is that Akuma is not likely to return to the Tekken cast since he was a guest character. This means that it’s up to Super Akouma to adapt if he wants to keep up with Tekken 8’s pros.

Bae “Knee” Jae-Min
5 Pros You Need to Watch Out for in Tekken 8
Bae “Knee” Jae-Min taking a bow after exiting the 2023 Tekken World Tour in 7th place. (Photo credit: Li Hoang)

When people talk about Tekken legends one of the names that always gets mentioned is Knee. He’s been a top-tier Tekken player long before he was recognized as a pro, giving him almost 20 years of high-level experience across different entries in the series. There’s not much else to say as his list of achievements (such as being a three-time Evo champion) speaks for itself. At the ripe age of 38, the living Tekken legend doesn’t look like he’s slowing down and he’ll definitely be a top contender in its next installment.

Arslan “Arslan Ash” Siddique
5 Pros You Need to Watch Out for in Tekken 8
Arslan “Arslan Ash” Siddique accepting his trophy as the 2023 Tekken World Tour champion. (Photo credit: Li Hoang)

And of course, we have the undisputed GOAT of the Tekken 7 era himself. Many aspects of his career seem almost miraculous. From coming out of nowhere from a scene nobody knew existed to practically single-handedly catapulting Pakistan as one of the strongest regions in the world, no one can dispute that Arslan Ash is the best Tekken 7 player in the world. There’s no doubt he’ll be a beast in Tekken 8 and we can’t wait to see him play against other pros.

Banner photo by Mark Roe/Red Bull Content Pool.

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