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5 Valentine’s Day Dates to Plan for the Athlete You Love Most

If you want to be the MVP in your partner’s life this year, choose from these 5 Valentine’s Day dates to give them the treat they deserve.

Heads up, athletes! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And if you’re looking to bring your A-game and impress your significant other with your planning skills this year, we’ve got your back.

Here are five Valentine’s Day dates you can choose from that will definitely have you working up a sweat and your competitive spirits. And what athlete wouldn’t love a little of both this year?

1. Go for a hike

If you live in the city, then chances are, you and your significant other probably don’t get to spend time in the mountains very often. So if you’re up for a full-blown Valentine’s Day date, go on a hike! Ditching your usual everyday routines to immerse yourself in nature is sure to make your celebration that much more special.

Here are a few spots you can check out: Mt. Lumot, Mt. Kulis, Masungi Georeserve, Mt. Maculot, or Mt. Batulao.

2. Get competitive with mini golf

Mini golf is one of the best Valentine’s Day dates, and everybody loves it for good reason. Unlike real golf, you don’t need to be a crazy fit athlete to play. But, if you and your significant other are both athletes, then you’re probably very competitive. If so, turn this Valentine’s Day into what you love most — a good competition!

Mini golf is the perfect way to bring out that spirit in a lighthearted way. And to make it more interesting, the loser pays for dinner.

Here are a few places you can play: Skypark at SM Aura Premier or Pat’s Putts

3. Book a court

If you and your significant other are really competitive, then pick a sport and book a court. This is an easy way to plan a date because there are tons of sports you can play head-to-head — tennis, badminton, pickleball, padel, and a lot of others! And once you’ve booked the court, you’re good to go.

From being your partner’s biggest fan, you’ll become their biggest rival for an afternoon.

4. Go for a climb

If your significant other enjoys a good adrenaline rush, they’ll love spending a few hours at a rock climbing wall with you. The great thing about this choice of date is that you can either be the supportive partner and spot your significant other as they climb, or you can be the competitive partner and race to the top. Take your pick.

Here are a few places you can climb: Climb Central Manila, Power Up Alabang, The Bouldering Hive

5. Bring out the bikes and hit the road

For a last-minute date that will still feel really special, go for a nice, long bike ride. No bookings are required in advance! Even though it doesn’t need much preparation beforehand if you and your significant other already have bikes at home, it will still feel like a special Valentine’s Day.

You’ll both be out in the fresh air, have no digital distractions, and you can still get as competitive as you like. You can’t go wrong with this one.

BONUS: Don’t forget the post-workout meal!

As athletes, any of these date options will definitely work up an appetite between you two.

So no matter what you choose, don’t forget to get a reservation at your partner’s favorite restaurant (or cook them a meal, why not?) as a post-workout surprise!

Which among these Valentine’s Day dates will your partner love the most?

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