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Filipino volleyball players: Kat Tolentino

6 Filipino Volleyball Players-Slash-Vloggers You Should Be Watching

Off the court, these volleyball players are just as talented, and you can easily keep up with them through their entertaining vlogs.

Living in the age of media with fast-paced stories being shared left and right, athletes nowadays are more than just athletes. Many of them transform into personalities that fans hope to follow, even off the court. And we find that this may be especially true for volleyball players in the Philippines.

Many Filipino volleyball players have insane amounts of fans as told by their thousands of social media followers, subscribers, views, and likes. And we get the hype.

Here are six PVL players whose vlogs you should tune into to keep up with the spikers.

Abigail Maraño

Aby Maraño is definitely a legend in Philippine volleyball, especially as she led the Women’s National Team for seven years. And although she has retired from her national team duties, she still rocks the court with F2 Logistics.

As a volleyball player, Aby definitely has a vibrant life, going on trips with her teammates, winning titles, and trying out new hobbies — things that she documents and shares with her fans through lighthearted vlogs and videos.

Kat Tolentino

Off the court, it is obvious what Choco Mucho player Kat Tolentino is passionate about. It’s in her channel’s name: Kat’s Kitchen.

The Fil-Canadian’s YouTube videos take her cooking skills and love for food to the camera in fun ways, with videos of her trying out new food trends, and vlogs of her cooking with her volleyball teammates and her family members. (And a little tip: it may be wise to tune in with a snack — her videos have definitely triggered our hunger.)

Alyssa Valdez

Alyssa Valdez is not only an icon in Philippine sports, but she is also a personality that Filipinos love to keep up with. No matter what she is doing, whether it’s traveling to a new country or showing off her favorite clothing collections, fans love to see all the different sides of her life.

Thankfully, she makes it easy to do so, as she is frequently posting videos and documentation of how she spends her time on and off the court.

Rachel Anne Daquis

Cignal HD Spiker Rachel Anne Daquis is not only a killer volleyball player, but she is also a pilates teacher, a model, a wellness advocate, and a community builder.

One of the things that we admire most about Rachel is her dedication to using her influence to give back. She frequently hosts outreach programs and volleyball camps with the simple of goal of spreading happiness to others. And, we love that we get to watch her do what she loves through her YouTube videos.

Kim Kianna Dy

With over half a million subscribers on YouTube, Kim Kianna Dy is one of the biggest volleyball players slash vloggers in the Philippines, and we’ve been fans of her videos for a long time.

From her makeovers to Jher apan vlogs; and from her shopping hauls to errand runs, it’s the athlete’s simple and charming storytelling style that never fails to bring romance to her day-to-day life.

Michele Gumabao

Michele Gumabao was a star when she played in the UAAP for De La Salle University, and she is still a star now as a player for the Creamline Cool Smashers. So, it’s no wonder that she’s amassed a ton of fans who still want to keep up with her life.

Michele’s effortless way of entertaining truly brings a certain charm to all her vlogs, and we love that she is always open to sharing the spotlight with the people in her life who bring new flavors to each video.

Banner image from Kat Tolentino on Instagram.

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