Alex Eala in the Junior Wimbledon Tournament

Alex Eala Exits W60 Slovakia Singles With Loss to Kartal

With a loss to Sonay Kartal in the W60 Slovakia, Alex Eala bows out of the Singles tournament but still has hope for a victory in the Doubles.

Facing an older opponent, Alex Eala was unable to advance from the second round of the W60 Slovakia Women’s Singles tournament with a loss to Sonay Kartal from Great Britain.

Although Kartal is four years older than Eala, the Filipina holds a higher position on the WTA Singles Rankings, with Kartal in 262nd and Eala in 220th. However, Kartal has reached a career-high ranking of 195, whereas the 17-year-old has a career-high ranking of 214 so far.

With this, despite the age difference, Eala came into the match in a relatively strong position.

However, the Brit opened the match looking to be the dominant player between the two, as she won the first set, 6-2.

Alex Eala competing in Madrid, Spain

Coming into the second set, Alex Eala was able to hold her end up in the first few games. However, after Kartal reached a 5-2 advantage over the Filipina, it was smooth sailing for the 21-year-old, reaching 6-2 for the match win.

With the second-round victory, Kartal advances to the next round of the W60 tournament, while Eala will bow out of the Singles category.

However, although Alex Eala has exited the Singles tournament, the Filipina is still in the running to win the Doubles, as she and her partner, Justina Mikulkyte, advanced to the quarterfinals happening later tonight (Manila time).

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