AP.Bren’s Coach Ducky on His Journey to Becoming the 13th Hall of Legends Inductee

AP.Bren’s Coach Ducky on His Journey to Becoming the 13th Hall of Legends Inductee

It was a truly #LegenDucky moment.

Right before the start of the MPL PH S12 playoffs, AP.Bren’s coach Francis “Ducky” Glindro became the 13th Hall of Legends inductee. His role as the Mobile Legends SIBOL coach, as well as his achievements throughout the years, earned him his spot.

It was a long time coming for the veteran coach as he was the one who led Bren Esports to their first-ever World Championship win in M2 back in 2021. This would also signal the start of the Philippine era of domination in Mobile Legends. His influence and professionalism inspired other teams to step up their game and elevated the Philippine scene as a whole.

A Surprise but a Welcome one

Nawala sa isip ko na may Hall of Legends. Kanina lang nag sink-in sakin na parang ako ang nanalo kasi bigla na lang ako tinawag sa likod,” said coach Ducky with smile. “Sabi ko ‘this is too obvious’ pero nagpretend na lang ako naoo nga, ako ang nanalo!’”

AP.Bren’s Coach Ducky on His Journey to Becoming the 13th Hall of Legends Inductee
Coach Ducky giving a speech as he is inducted into the Hall of Legends right before the MPL PH S12 grand finals. (Photo by Moonton Games)

The conversation of coach Ducky becoming the next Hall of Legends inductee had already been circulating earlier this year. Every time it was brought up, he would casually brush it aside, saying that it’d be better if it went to someone else. Even after he won the title his sentiment didn’t change. “Honestly, I think it fits better to the other players, lalo na sa mga bata. They would enjoy it. I mean, I’m too old for this!”

Despite his modesty, coach Ducky’s achievements in this year alone practically made him a shoo-in for the Hall of Legends. From Bren Esports’ disappointing 2022 showing, he coached the team into becoming the SIBOL national team for Mobile Legends. They won gold in the 2023 SEA Games and another in the IESF World Esports Championships. And from a shaky start to the season, AP.Bren was now on the cusp of winning their second MPL championship since season 6.

A Long Year of Challenges and Growth

A testament to coach Ducky’s abilities was how he was able to keep his team in shape despite their challenging year. “I was like ‘kaiba yung pagod nito’… Kasi dun lang sa Cambodia, naramdaman ko na baka hindi kaya ng mga bata,” he said, recalling a moment after the SEA Games. “Personally I was ok but yung mga bata, kita ko yung paglapag nila sa kama, tulog. Sabi ko ‘this is going to be too much.’” 

As always, the coach was open and honest with his team. He was always talking with them, ensuring they were feeling alright despite all the pressure and stress. It was this same honesty that allowed AP.Bren to grow and learn how to deal with any adversity.

AP.Bren’s Coach Ducky on His Journey to Becoming the 13th Hall of Legends Inductee
Coach Ducky during the regular season of the MPL PH. (Photo by Moonton Games)

“I think we’re evolving,” said coach Ducky as he reflected on his team’s progress through the year. “They get what I’m trying to say to them. For a very long time, the cliche was that you ‘practice until you can make it work.’ I told them that ‘I think it’s better if we practice until we can no longer get it wrong.’ So every time they try something new, they tend to push themselves to really perfecting it, until hindi na nila kayang imali.”

To perfectly cap off coach Ducky’s induction to the Hall of Legends, AP.Bren took the MPL PH S12 grand finals 4-1 from Blacklist International. “I’m glad that people actually acknowledge the things I’ve done for the league, for the game, but I think it could have gone to someone else, someone younger,” he says sheepishly.

Coach Ducky’s influence on his team and the Philippine Mobile Legends scene is undeniable. The least we can do is make sure that his efforts are remembered.

Banner photo from Moonton Games.

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