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Athlete Essentials: 7 Things You’ll Need For a Fit Summer

Summer is fast approaching! Don’t get caught off guard — stock up on all the summer essentials that every athlete needs in their gym bag to beat the heat.

Summer is the perfect time to get fit. The sun is high, the sweat turns up, and the athletes are all out.

But, as hot as it gets in Metro Manila during the summer months, you’re going to want to make sure that when the heat kicks in, you’re all good to go.

Here are seven athlete essentials for anyone who wants to achieve the fittest summer of their life.

1. A Towel to Cool Off
Summer Athlete Essential - Towel
Photo credit: Aura Athletica on Instagram

Let’s start with one of the most obvious athlete essentials — you’re going to need a towel, whether it’s for wicking off the sweat or drying off after a shower.

This summer, keep your bag light with Aura Athletica’s selection of printed towels, perfect to match your summer vibe.

2. A Foam Roller Water Bottle for Instant Recovery
Summer Athlete Essential - Flowstate Foam Roller Water Bottle
Photo credit: Flowstate on Instagram

You’re going to want to keep your bag as light as possible this summer, so why not pack two athlete essentials — a recovery foam roller and a water bottle — in one go? When you hit your cooldown, you’ll be happy you packed it.

Get your summer recovery buddy here.

3. Natural Deodorant for that Freshness
Summer Athlete Essential - Natural Deodorant
Photo credit: Tom’s of Maine on Instagram.

Let’s be honest — it’s going to be a sweaty summer, and you’re probably going to need to stock up on deodorant. And to keep yourself fresh and healthy all around, why not pick up a natural deodorant?

You can check out Healthy Options’ range of natural deodorants here.

4. A New Pair of Shades to Keep the Sun Out
Kylian Mbappe wears Oakley shades
Photo credit: Oakley on Instagram.

What’s summer without sunglasses? Even footballer Kylian Mbappé is sporting some new specs — go treat yourself to a pair too to beat the heat.

You can check out Oakley’s selection of shades fit for both sport and leisure.

5. Sunblock for Full Protection
Summer Athlete Essential - VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport 70 Sunblock
Photo credit: VMV Hypoallergenics on Instagram

Double down on the UV protection with another nonnegotiable summer essential: sunblock.

VMV Hypoallergenics’ Armada Sport 70 has been an athlete’s go-to for years for a reason. It’s a lightweight sunscreen that’s still heavy-duty enough for a long bike ride, a cooling swim, or a full-on golf session.

Get your UV protection right here.

6. Lightweight Shorts for Effortless Movement
Summer Athlete Essential - Our Recess On Track Shorts
Photo credit: Recess on Instagram

Sorry, leggings season, we’re going back to shorts this summer to free the legs (and to get a tan too, why not?).

Recess’ On Track Short is the perfect short for summer. It’s very lightweight and still has an inner layer of medium compression shorts to make sure you’re well-protected even when you’re flowing.

Check out Recess’ other shorts too!

7. Coconut Water for Hydration
Summer Athlete Essential - Coconut water
Photo credit: Locally on Instagram

Summer means sweat, and sweat calls for hydration. And what better way to replenish those electrolytes than with a natural drink?

Make sure you hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate this summer before, during, and after every workout! Stock up on those electrolytes with Locally’s refreshing coconut water.

Is your gym bag missing anything?

Banner image from Oakley and Flowstate on Instagram.

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