Cetaphil Football Exhibition Match

Cetaphil Caps Off 2023 Level Up Series With Exciting Football Exhibition Match

After spending hours in the sun, athletes got to treat their skin to a much-needed cooldown with the Cetaphil Ultra Protect Cleansing Bar.

Throughout this entire year, skincare brand Cetaphil has been on a mission to promote healthy skin among Filipinos who lead active lifestyles. With this in mind, one of their biggest campaigns of 2023 was their Level Up Series, where the brand invited fitness enthusiasts and athletes to various workout classes around Metro Manila where they could work up a sweat and cool down using their latest innovation, with patent 3D Derma Mimic Technology: the Cetaphil Ultra Protect Antimicrobial Cleansing Bar.

We got to try all sorts of workouts with Cetaphil, from hardcore HIIT workouts to slower-paced but equally intense Lagree workouts, and these all proved the brand’s promise to their consumers. As Cetaphil Special Benefits Senior Brand Manager Tammy Au puts it, “We want to advocate that skin health should always be part of your daily routine, especially when we are working on our body health and being our best, sweaty selves. Remember, when it comes to hygiene — you shouldn’t compromise! You should always choose the right cleansing bar that keeps you clean but also moisturized.”

To cap off a year dedicated to promoting healthy skin the brand hosted an exciting Football Exhibition Match — a perfect way to showcase exactly why athletes need a cleansing bar like Cetaphil Ultra Protect.

Cetaphil Level Up Series: Football Exhibition Match
The Cetaphil Football Exhibition Match was hosted by Bea Escudero.
Cetaphil Level Up Series: Football Exhibition Match
Luntian F.C. and Underground F.C. take the field before the starting whistle.
Heating up in the sun

Football players are constantly exposing their skin to harsh conditions. They play for hours under the sun and sweat buckets all in the name of the game. And Cetaphil’s Football Exhibition Match, though just a friendly competition, was not short of that.

Before the match even started, Luntian F.C. and Underground F.C. both started the afternoon with several pre-game drills. Although they were just warming up, the high heat of the 2:00 PM sun was already beginning to make the players sweat.

But, of course, the real action on the field started to heat up once the whistle blew to signal the start of the exhibition match. Luntian F.C. opened the scoring with two goals in the first half, but Underground F.C. made sure they weren’t going down without a fight.

Luntian F.C. was the first squad to score during the exhibition match.
Pushing their bodies to the limits, the athletes rest assured that they would strengthen their skin post-match with Cetaphil Ultra Protect.

The second half saw even more goals and a whole lot of excitement. With just a few minutes left, the score was tied at 4 goals apiece. But, keeping the game from going into overtime, Luntian F.C. scored their fifth goal to win the match. It was a truly exciting event that all the players and spectators enjoyed.

“We wanted to do a football match because we wanted to show consumers that however intense your workout is, there is a cleansing bar that can answer to the needs of your active lifestyle,” Tammy Au explained.

With this in mind, all the players got to clean up the dirt from the field and the sweat on their skin using their new cleansing bars!

The final score at Club United, in favor of Luntian F.C.
After the match, all the athletes got to see the difference of the Cetaphil Ultra Protect Cleansing Bar for themselves.
Cooling down with Cetaphil Ultra Protect

After spending two hours sweating it out under the sun, Cetaphil awarded the players from both teams their respective prizes. Underground F.C. was given their runners-up trophy, while Luntian F.C. celebrated their victory!

Of course, the day wouldn’t have been complete without the players getting to receive their own Cetaphil Ultra Protect Cleansing Bars for them to use to wash up after the heated event — a perfect way to see the difference in this soap for themselves.

Santino Rosales, who played on the winning team, told The GAME why skin care is important for football players like him. “It’s 100% important,” he said. “I also have a career outside of football, which is modeling, so of course, I need to take care of my skin. But apart from that, it’s also important for my health because if you don’t take care of your skin, especially when you spend time under the sun, you can get a lot of diseases and aging speeds up too.”

Cetaphil Level Up Series: Football Exhibition Match - Santino Rosales
As an athlete, Santino Rosales understands the importance of skincare and is excited to try out the Cetaphil Ultra Protect Cleansing Bar for his post-workout cooldowns.
Cetaphil Level Up Series: Football Exhibition Match
Luntian F.C. and Underground F.C. celebrate together after a fun-filled afternoon!

Sophie Reyes, a former football player herself and an athlete who currently practices Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu, has also been using the Cetaphil Ultra Protect Cleansing Bar in her post-workout routines and swears by it.

“When I use the product, what I like about it is that you feel clean but it’s not drying,” she shared. “Of course other than the outer glow and having clear skin, it’s also nice to know that it works deep into your skin barrier and it really makes you feel healthy.”

This comes from the Ultra Protect Cleansing Bar’s ability to cleanse your body while moisturizing it and strengthening its barrier at the same time! With its 3D Derm-Biomimic Technology, it provides optimal repair and strengthening of the skin, specifically designed for daily use and for sensitive skin.

Cetaphil Ultra Protect
With Cetaphil, athletes can be ultra-protected, no matter what kind of workout they do.

Indeed, this event showed that anyone who leads an active lifestyle needs a product they can rely on for any activity, and this was the perfect way to showcase this. And now, after a whole year promoting fitness, as well as skin health, Cetaphil is excited for even more activities to come!

Tammy Au shared, “Watch out for more activities for next year because we will definitely partner with more fitness institutions and athletes to educate more consumers because our advocacy is really to promote skin health.”

Images by Ed Simon.

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