Ultra Lagree partnership with Cetaphil

We Tried A Lagree Class With Cetaphil: Here’s How It Went Down

Despite working up a sweat in an Ultra Lagree class, Cetaphil’s Ultra Protect Cleansing Bar helps to ensure that the skin stays protected.

Group fitness classes are all the rage right now. With so many different forms of classes to choose from — indoor cycling, pilates, yoga, dance, boxing, conditioning, circuit training — the question is no longer whether or not you should take part in these classes, but rather, which of these classes should you take? In Manila, the options continue to grow. With new fitness studios opening up left and right, it can be hard to keep track.

Cetaphil Philippines, however, has been keeping track. In their ‘Level-Up Series’, the popular skincare brand has been inviting athletes and fitness enthusiasts to various workout classes over the past two years to try out different forms of exercises to work up a sweat. Working with fitness studios around the Metro, they’ve tried out cycling, boxing, HIIT, and circuit training classes, among several others.

Most recently, they invited a handful of fitness junkies to their latest addition to their Level-Up series: a class at Ultra Lagree. This is how it went down.

Taking a Lagree class for the first time

Lagree is one of the newer forms of exercise that has recently gained popularity in the Philippines. It is a pilates-inspired workout that incorporates techniques from other forms of resistance training such as weightlifting. When taking a Lagree class, you’ll be using a machine called a Megaformer and performing slow, controlled movements for extended periods of time to maximize tension and stimulate slow-twitch muscle fibers.

Most, if not all the participants in Cetaphil’s Level-Up class in Ultra Lagree were taking a Lagree class for the first time, and it was definitely a challenge.

Despite flowing through various movements at a very slow pace — lunges, squats, push-ups, wheelbarrows — it was still a high-intensity workout, able to get our heart rates pumping hard, and working our muscles until they started to shake (literally) while using the resistance of the megaformer machines.

After the entire session was over, the instructor explained that Lagree has many benefits for the body. Lagree classes are designed to target muscles all over your body, improve flexibility, tone your muscles, improve alignment and posture, and develop muscular endurance (the ability to withstand that ‘burning’ sensation you feel when you hold a squat for a long time).

As a low-impact workout, it is also easy on the joints. But, do not be fooled. Lagree classes still work up a good sweat and can burn up to 800 calories. And this is where Cetaphil comes in.

Cooling down with Cetaphil

Workout classes can be a lot of fun and can have a lot of benefits for the body. But, one drawback is that sometimes, frequent showers or washing can lead to excessive drying of the skin, irritation, or even damage to the skin barrier. Thankfully, Cetaphil believes that you should not have to sacrifice healthy skin for a healthy body.

Putting healthy skin at the top of their priorities, the leading dermatologist-recommended skincare brand has developed the Cetaphil Ultra Protect Antimicrobial Cleansing Bar. This gentle antimicrobial cleanser uses advanced technology to ensure skin hydration, no matter how many times you use it to wash your skin within a day.

(Photo credit: @kimtappy and @cetaphilph on Instagram)

Cetaphil Ultra Protect cleanses and protects your skin with 99.9% germ protection, keeps you intensely moisturized, and its 3D DERMA-MIMIC Technology and ingredients of Glycerin, Vitamin B5 & B3 are proven to effectively wash away bacteria while still respecting the skin’s moisture barrier. 

After working up a sweat at Cetaphil’s Ultra Lagree class, all the participants got to see this in action for themselves and wash up using the Ultra Protect Cleansing Bar. This is perfect for anyone who leads a fit and active lifestyle and who finds themselves frequently needing to cool down with a shower.

Cetaphil’s mantra is this: “We Do Skin, You Do You.” Indeed, with their Ultra Protect Antimicrobial Cleansing Bar, you can feel safe and assured that no matter how many times a day you work out or how many times you need to cool down, Cetaphil is there for you to keep your skin healthy, so you can feel free to keep the rest of your body healthy, too.

Images from Cetaphil Philippines.

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