AP.Bren Coach Trebor

Coach Trebor on Coaching Two Championship Teams

The star-studded coach gives his thoughts about the two strongest Mobile Legends teams in the Philippines.

AP.Bren’s newest addition, coach Robert “Trebor” Sanchez, has the unique position of working for two championship teams. Formerly the technical coach for M4 world champions ECHO, he comes in with the knowledge of how championship-caliber teams tick.

Despite being two of the strongest teams in the Philippines, there is a clear difference between ECHO and AP.Bren in terms of performance. For ECHO, they seemed to have peaked at the right moment which led to them becoming the M4 world champions. AP.Bren, however, had a clear and steady path of improvement that doesn’t seem to have signs of slowing down. So what is it that makes the two different?

Sa tingin ko, yung sobrang sipag nila mag-practice. Yun yung difference nila kay ECHO,” said coach Trebor. “Kasi sa ECHO, nung nag-champion kami nag-lie low kami sa practice kasi nagpahinga yung mga players. Sa [AP.Bren] naman, nag-champion kami sa [Games of the Future] – wala, ganun pa rin, una pa rin yung pag-practice sa kanila.” 

Coach Trebor on Coaching Two Championship Teams
(Photo by MOONTON Games)

This constant and consistent drive to keep getting better to stay on top is what makes AP.Bren stand out. Yet despite that difference, the two teams are still world champions so there must also be something that the two have in common. According to coach Trebor’s observation, it’s simply “yung chemistry ng mga players. Sobrang kulit talaga nila, sobrang kakaiba.

As always, good team synergy is a key factor for a winning team. But that’s not all that drives AP.Bren to win championships according to coach Trebor. The Mid Season Cup remains a hot topic in professional Mobile Legends and its prize pool is a motivator for the team.

Sobrang focused nila kasi gusto nila mag MSC kasi bihira lang yung ganung prize,” says coach Trebor.

Banner photo by MOONTON Games.

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