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Court Chic: 8 outfits we’re loving at the 2023 Australian Open

The 2023 Australian Open has been in full swing, and as we get closer and closer to the finals, we have to talk about the looks at the tournament.

In most other sports, athletes have to adhere to a specific uniform or team jersey, whereas, in tennis, there is a lot more freedom to put an outfit together. Serena Williams’ creative and bold looks on the court are a perfect example of this.

So among all the looks in the Australian Open, these are the ones we’re loving.

1. Sabalenka Aryna’s bright colors

Without doing too much, Sabalenka Aryna’s Nike dress still makes for one of the most eye-catching outfits at the 2023 Australian Open.

The colors and pattern in the skirt are definitely the best part of the look.

Image from Australian Open on Instagram.
2. Frances Tiafoe’s head-to-toe prints

If you’re not into dresses don’t worry. Frances Tiafoe pulled off his own version of the colorful Nike look, with his matching top-and-bottom set that has the same style as Aryna’s skirt.

The colors definitely matched how Tiafoe felt after the first round of the 2023 Australian Open.

Image from Australian Open on Instagram.
3. Ben Shelton’s details

Watching Ben Shelton play, you might not think twice about what he’s wearing. After all, it’s relatively simple.

But, as we looked closer at the black detail of his shirt’s collar, contrasted with the light-colored stripes on his New Balance shirt, it actually became one of our favorite shirts in the entire tournament.

Image from Australian Open on Instagram.
Image from Australian Open on Instagram.
4. Jelena Ostapenko’s bright preppy look

In tennis, we still love seeing a classic preppy look on the court

Jelena Ostapenko showed up doing it right. Bringing in the preppiness of a simple tennis dress and marrying it with the bold and contrasting colors of orange and blue, she definitely is a standout, and not just in how she plays.

Image from Australian Open on Instagram.
5. Holger Rune’s playful shorts

We love how Holger Rune showed up to the 2023 Australian Open in Nike shorts that made us wonder if he was heading to the beach straight after his matches.

Plus, we also love how the color of his cap matches the pattern on his shorts.

Image from Holger Rune on Instagram.
Image from Australian Open on Instagram.
6. Magda Linette’s sea blue look

If you’re loving blue, you’ll love Magda Linette’s head-to-toe sea blue look.

We love the visor and we love the dress. And even in a relatively simple-looking outfit, she still stands out on the court.

Image from Magda Linette’s Instagram.
Image from Magda Linette’s Instagram.
7. Stefanos Tsitsipas’ contrasting look

Stefanos Tsitsipas’ plain white shirt makes his colorful adidas shorts that much more vibrant. As he strides on the court, it’s impossible not to watch him move.

Image from Australian Open on Instagram.
8. Donna Vekic’s sweet pink look

Last but not least, Donna Vekic’s pink look had us from day one, when she posted a mirror selfie on Instagram.

But make no mistake. Her free-flowing baby pink skirt may make her look sweet and dainty, but when she plays, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Image from Australian Open on Instagram.

Which outfit at the 2023 Australian Open is your favorite?

Banner images from Australian Open on Instagram.

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