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Courtside Celebrities: Who Was Spotted Watching the NBA in Paris?

The NBA in Paris was a star-studded event, with athletes and celebrities making the trip to Europe to catch the Chicago Bulls vs. the Detroit Pistons.

Last weekend, the Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons took a little trip to Paris to spend their 14th week of the NBA season in the City of Love.

So, with the top basketball league coming back to Europe for the first time in three years, these are the stars who couldn’t miss the opportunity to watch the NBA in Paris.

1. Charles Leclerc, Pierre Gasly, and Esteban Ocon

With just a few months left until the start of their 2023 season, these three Formula 1 drivers are using their break wisely, watching other athletes work up a sweat while they still have the time to watch as fans.

Pretty soon, Charles Leclerc, Pierre Gasly, and Esteban Ocon will be back on the track as competitors once again.

2. Joakim Noah

Former center for the Chicago Bulls Joakim Noah was there to support his old team, just like the good old days.

Back in 1997, Noah also watched Michael Jordan in Paris. And now, to be back in 2023 to root for the Bulls again is something special to him.

Plus, he also got the opportunity to play with Pierre Gasly and Charles Leclerc. And from the looks of it, Gasly and Noah make a pretty good team.

3. Gerard Piqué

Football star Gerard Piqué announced his retirement last year in November. And it certainly looks like he’s making the most out of his time off from the pitch and enjoying the atmosphere of a different sport.

From NBA Hellas on Twitter.
4. Naomi Campbell

Supermodel Naomi Campbell wore the model-off-duty look well (as she always does).

Wearing a black turtle neck with a bright red Chicago Bulls varsity jacket, she sat right at the courtside to cheer on the winning team.

From NBA Hellas on Twitter.
5. Pharrell Williams and Magic Johnson

Spotted sitting next to Magic Johnson during the NBA in Paris game, Pharrell Williams definitely must have been happy to sit next to a basketball star while watching a basketball game.

We wonder what insights he must have gotten from Magic’s expertise.

6. Lil Baby

Although he predicted the winner of the game wrong and rooted for the losing side, Lil Baby certainly still enjoyed the atmosphere of the NBA in Paris.

7. Victor Wembanyama and Khaby lame

The top prospect for the 2023 NBA draft, Victor Wembanyama, was present in Paris to watch the Bulls blow out the Pistons.

And sitting courtside, TikTok star Khaby Lame got to meet one of the NBA’s next-generation talents in the flesh. Wembanyama has never looked more seven-foot-two than he does in this photo.

From NBA Hellas on Twitter.

Which celebrity would you have loved to sit next to at courtside at the NBA in Paris game?

Banner image from Charles Leclerc on Instagram.

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