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What Have the F1 Drivers Been Up to Lately?

While the F1 fans are itching for the season to start, find out what the drivers have been doing to make the most out of their holiday break.

It feels like it’s been forever since the 2022 Formula 1 season ended. And while the fans can’t wait until the start of the 2023 season, the drivers all look like they’re having a blast over the holiday break.

From skydiving to babysitting, and from skiing to bike rides, here are some of the things your favorite F1 drivers have been up to recently.

Charles Leclerc is chasing the adrenaline rush.
From Charles Leclerc’s Instagram.
From Charles Leclerc’s Instagram.

Formula 1 drivers tend to be notorious for being adrenaline junkies, and based on Charles Leclerc’s hobbies, it’s pretty safe to say he fits the category.

George Russell and Alex Albon are enjoying the few months when they aren’t rivals.
From George Russell’s and Alex Albon’s Instagram.

Formula 1 can be tough because everyone on track, even your teammate, is your rival, so it’s great to see these two hanging out like a couple of best friends.

Lewis Hamilton is in Antarctica with…who?
From Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram.
From Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram.

The seven-time F1 World Champion has been holidaying in Antarctica with a star-studded group, as reports have shared that he is there with celebrities like professional snowboarder Shaun White, his actress wife Nina Dobrev, and the musician and actor Jared Leto.

How do we sign up to join that group?

Esteban Ocon is channelling the kid in him.
From Esteban Ocon’s Instagram.
From Esteban Ocon’s Instagram.

What better place is there to spend the holidays than the happiest place on Earth? Esteban Ocon is doing it right.

Carlos Sainz is training with Marc Marquez.
From Carlos Sainz’s Instagram.

Carlos Sainz has been posting photos of him training on his Instagram, and it seems he’s been getting some training tips from other athletes as well, like MotoGP star Marc Marquez.

Nyck De Vries is living on the edge.
From Nyck De Vries on Instagram.

Before his first season in F1, it looks like Nyck De Vries is spending his holiday break checking things off his bucket list.

Zhou Guanyu is in his fashion era.
From Zhou Guanyu’s Instagram.

Zhou Guanyu is now an ambassador for Dior, and we are so here for it. Will Lewis Hamilton have someone to challenge him for best dressed on track?

Pierre Gasly has been working his side job: Babysitting.
From Pierre Gasly’s Instagram.

Pierre Gasly has been spending time with the little ones in his family over the holidays. However, he’ll be off from his babysitting duties from March to November this year.

Valtteri Bottas has been biking nonstop… And feeding goats?
From Valtteri Bottas’ Instagram.
From Valtteri Bottas’ Instagram.

Valtteri Bottas’ Instagram is full of photos of him biking around Australia and New Zealand. In another life, maybe he could’ve been a pro at it.

There are now less than two months until the first race of the season. And while we love seeing the F1 drivers enjoying the last stretch of their holiday break, we probably speak for everyone when we say that we can’t wait until they’re back in business.

Banner image from George Russell and Lewis Hamilton on Instagram.

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