Manny Pacquiao at Alaxan's Showdown of the Year

EXCLUSIVE: Pacquiao Comeback? Fight with Salt Papi? Jimmuel Going Pro?

Manny Pacquiao talks to The GAME about his upcoming match in July, a potential comeback, and other insights into his future as a boxer.

Whenever mere mortals like us cross paths with a legend, expect that we’ll make the most of it. This time, the legend came in the form of all-time boxing great, Manny Pacquiao.

The GAME got the opportunity for a quick exclusive with the Pacman after a Press Conference for Alaxan FR held at the Unilab Bayanihan Center in Mandaluyong.

Comeback is Real
Manny Pacquiao at Alaxan's Showdown of the Year
Manny Pacquiao tells The GAME about what the future might have in store for him.

At 44, Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao still wants to go back to boxing. And while he’s been active in doing exhibitions here and there — with another one coming up on July 29 under the Japanese-based Rizin promotion — that’s not the kind of boxing that he has in mind. He’s talking about elite-, championship-level boxing.

“I’m looking forward to have that exhibition na mas maganda yung maging performance ko para kung sakali makabalik sa real fight,” he shared.

(I’m looking forward to having that exhibition with a better performance from me which hopefully leads to a real fight.”)

“Right now I’m enjoying what I’m doing. Training, spending time with my family, doing exhibitions… But of course, if there’s an opportunity to have a real fight then, I’d grab that opportunity,” he continued.

When asked who the likely opponent to the “real fight” would be, Pacman was quick to hit the brakes and say that he’d rather not reveal this just yet, but this definitely whetted our appetite for another match.

Tag-Team With Salt Papi?
Manny Pacquiao
Manny Pacquiao has been working hard training for his upcoming exhibition match. (Photo credit: Manny Pacquiao on Instagram)

If you’re following boxing, particularly influencer boxing news on social media then you might have seen posters and publicity materials featuring Pacman and Salt Papi to go up against Floyd Mayweather Jr. and KSI.

Naturally, we asked him if its the real deal to which he just grinned and said, “Sabi-sabi lang yan.”

(“It’s just hearsay”).

Will Jimuel Go Pro?
Manny Pacquiao at Alaxan's Showdown of the Year
Manny Pacquiao talks about his upcoming match in Alaxan’s Showdown of the Year.

“Right now he’s focusing on his studies in the States and in his amateur career.” Pacman later on shares that they’ve yet to have that sit down on whether Jimmuel wants to go pro or not.

However, he was quick to add that should his son come to that decision, that he’ll be the one to coach and oversee his boxing career.

“Kapag mag professional ka, hindi pwedeng ibang coach or trainer ang magtururo sayo. Kailangan ako.”

(If you decide to turn pro, I won’t allow a different coach or trainer to be the one to teach you. It has to be me.)

He further stresses that should the time come, he’ll be very hands on. “Kasi kabisado ko yan e.” (I know it like the back of my hand). We all certainly agree and we’d like to think that Jimmuel would also have no opposition to this.

Speed Round!
Manny Pacquiao challenging Hidilyn Diaz in Alaxan's Showdown of the Year
Manny Pacquiao challenging Hidilyn Diaz in Alaxan’s Showdown of the Year

We also asked him a few quickfire questions to get to know the fighter better:

The GAME: Ryan Garcia or Tank Davis?
Pacman: Ryan Garcia

The GAME: Who among your past rivals are you closest to?
Pacman: Morales, Barrera, Diaz. But really, most of them Dela Hoya, and Shane Mosley too!

The GAME: Will we ever see Coach Manny?
Pacman: If Jimmuel goes pro.

The GAME: Which NBA team do you think wins the championship this year?
Pacman: Dalawa kasi yung team ko e. Milwaukee (Bucks) and (Golden State) Warriors. (I have 2 teams. The Milwaukee Bucks and the Golden State Warriors)

The GAME: Who’s the better singer? Manny or Michael Pacquiao?
Pacman: Anak ko! (My son!)

At the end of the interview, he even indulged my request for a staredown. What a guy! Know that we’re always rooting for you Pacman!

Manny Pacquiao in Alaxan's Showdown of the Year
The GAME gets a staredown with the legend himself.

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