Fan Favorite Eddy Gordo Returns to the Tekken 8 Arena

Fan Favorite Eddy Gordo Returns to the Tekken 8 Arena

The Capoeira master is back to terrorize new and old players alike with his acrobatic kicks.

Tekken 8’s first batch of character DLCs starts strong with Eddy Gordo dropping early this week. First appearing in Tekken 3, Eddy has been part of the main cast ever since, whether it’s in the starting roster, bonus character, or future DLC.

Holders of the Playable Character Year 1 Pass got their hands on Eddy early on April 1. He’ll later be available for everyone else on April 5.  

Fan Favorite Eddy Gordo Returns to the Tekken 8 Arena
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Sporting a new look and updated Capoeira style, Eddy is arriving in full force in Tekken 8. Notoriously known as a “scrub killer,” Eddy’s tricky fighting nature along with the new Heat System make a deadly duo. He was only live for a few hours but players were already finding nasty combos with him.

Not only that, they were also finding some subtle tech that’s sure to trip up his foes.

Of course, these are only the early findings of a few Character Pass holders. Give it a week and who knows what the wider player base will cook up?

New Character, New Features, New Costumes

Aside from Eddy, the version 1.03.01 patch brings with it a host of updates for the main game. 

First is the introduction of the new Tekken Fight Pass. With it, players get the opportunity to earn various items by completing weekly missions through online matches. Players can even get even more valuable items by purchasing the Premium tier and earn Tekken Coins which can be exchanged for prizes at the shop.

Speaking of the shop, a new set of costumes are now available along with Yoshimitsu’s Tekken 6 legacy costume.

Quality of life changes are also being made together with some minor adjustments to move behavior. For those hoping for more substantive changes, it looks like you’re going to have to wait till after Evo Japan.

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