Jennifer Gates is the elite equestrian daughter of Bill Gates

Get to Know Jennifer Gates: Bill Gates’ Equestrian Daughter

Though Jennifer Gates will always be seen as a daughter of a billionaire, she has her own passions, which include being an elite equestrian.

Although Jennifer Gates will never rid herself of that reputation, she is still very much her own person with her own passions. And one of her biggest passions is horseback riding.

Since she was a little girl, Jennifer has always had a passion for equestrian sports, and over time, her love turned into skill, which enabled her not only to compete in major tournaments but to win, as well — a side of her that perhaps not many talk about too frequently.

Here are three things to know about Jennifer Gates.

She is an elite equestrian

When Jennifer Gates was six years old, she was already learning how to ride horses. Having started at such a young age, her passion for equestrian sports developed over the years.

Bill Gates, with his wealth, was of course able to fully support his eldest daughter’s passion for horseback riding. In fact, he even spent $37 million on horse farm estates in Wellington, Florida, where she could have her own stable and training grounds.

Jennifer Gates has a passion for show jumping
Photo credit: Jennifer Gates on Instagram

Jennifer has continued show jumping throughout her life. She has competed in many different competitions over the years, which ultimately led her to become the 19th-ranked show jumper in the world.

Another fun fact about Jennifer is that she has actually even competed against show jumpers related to other well-known celebrities, such as the daughters of Steven Spielberg and Bruce Springsteen.

Competing is truly one of her main passions. Even while she was studying at the prestigious Stanford University and earning her major in Human Biology, horseback riding is something she balanced with her academics.

Jennifer Gates has a passion for show jumping
Photo credit: Jennifer Gates on Instagram

When she spoke to Horse Network in 2016 about how she balances horseback riding and her studies, she told them: “I’m at Stanford during the week, then horse shows on the weekend. It’s a little busy but I love doing both.”

After she graduated from Stanford, she took a year off to really dedicate her time to competitive horse riding. But eventually, after her one year was up, she returned to academic life, studying at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City.

Jennifer Gates is an elite equestrian
Photo credit: Jennifer Gates on Instagram

Until now, she still frequently posts images and videos of herself with her horses. But her main focus may now be shifting to a new role: being a wife and mother.

She is married to an Olympic equestrian

In 2020, Jennifer Gates announced her engagement to Nayel Nassar, an Olympian from Egypt. With his career, it’s not hard to see what the two bonds over.

“He’s a professional, and I do this as an amateur. So, to be able to share our love and passion for horses with each other is just incredible,” Jennifer said at CNN’s EQ equestrian show in 2019.

Nayel Nassar is an Olympic equestrian from Egypt
Photo credit: Jennifer Gates on Instagram

They also both attended Stanford University.

Though he was born in Chicago, Nassar represented Egypt in the 2012 London Olympics, and in 2021, qualified for the final round of the Tokyo Olympics, finishing in 24th place. Though he didn’t come home with a medal, he reached another milestone that same year: getting married.

Jennifer Gates and Nayel Nassar's wedding
Photo credit: Jennifer Gates on Instagram

Jennifer and Nayel celebrated their wedding in October 2021. It was a beautiful wedding (or so we have imagined based on the photos), and not long after, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child.

Now, Nassar has still continued his path as a professional equestrian, competing for the Paris Panthers, a team that Jennifer manages herself and also rides for.

The two, with their newborn baby, now live in a luxurious home in New York City.

She bought a $51 million penthouse formerly owned by an F1 champion

Shortly after Jennifer Gates celebrated her wedding to Nayel Nassar, the two purchased a massive penthouse on 443 Greenwich St. in Tribeca, New York City, worth $51 million.

Their crib is an 8,900-square-foot space with six bedrooms, six baths, a chef’s kitchen, and 20-foot-high ceilings, and is the biggest property in the building.

Photo credit: Compass

It even features a plunge pool with outdoor seating — not to mention the other amenities available on the property, such as the indoor pool, the gym, and the Turkish bath.

And, Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton used to own the luxurious penthouse himself.

The Mercedes driver bought the property for $43.99 million back in 2017 and put it up on the market two years later at $57 million.

If it was good enough for a seven-time Formula 1 World Champion, it certainly must be good enough for two champion equestrians with more than a buck to spend.

Banner image from Jennifer Gates on Instagram.

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