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Most Valuable Pets: The Cutest and Coolest Dogs in the NBA

These dogs in the NBA are completely unaware of how cool (and famous) their owners are — and that’s what makes them even more lovable.

Most NBA players don’t shy away from sharing their lives off the court with their fans, and part of the things about their lives that we love seeing most are their dogs.

And while we can envy what it must be like to be the dog of an NBA player, the most heartwarming thing about these pups is that they are unaware of just how cool (and famous) their owners are — to them, their owners are simply their best friends.

Here are some of our favorite dog dads in the NBA.

1. Klay Thompson

The Golden State Warriors fans love Rocco the bulldog. In fact, many of them have asked for photos with Klay Thompson and his dog. Which one would you rather get a pic with?

2. Stephen Curry

Apart from being one of the coolest dads in the league, Stephen Curry also has some of the furriest dogs in the NBA too!

Rookie and Reza are integral parts of the Curry Crew.

3. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

They say that pet owners tend to look like their pets, and that certainly seems the case with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander — his dog is as stylish as he is.

Wearing matching gold chains, he called his dog Echo “the swaggiest pup ever.” We have to agree.

4. Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons has got cool cars, cool clothes, and the coolest dog: a Cane Corso named Chief. His head is as big as Ben’s (if not bigger), but Chief certainly seems like a gentle giant.

5. Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward definitely looks like your standard dog dad, going on adventures in nature with great views. He and his German Shepherd Siber look like the poster image of the saying, “man’s best friend.”

6. D’Angelo Russell

As a star basketball player, D’Angelo Russell is used to a certain lifestyle. And by the looks of it, he’s giving his furry friend a good taste for it too.

Dogs in the NBA sure are living the life.

7. Tyrese Haliburton

When Tyrese Haliburton got a new dog, he posted photos with the caption, “Introducing my son, Ames.”

The way he cradles Ames in his arms — Haliburton looks like a dog dad by nature.

8. Payton Pritchard

On his days off, it looks like Payton Pritchard enjoys chilly walks around Boston with his dog Cleo.

9. Russell Westbrook

Finally, we got Russell Westbrook’s little pup, Brodie.

It’s hard to imagine the Lakers’ point guard pulling off ruthless moves on the court and then coming home to the tiny Brodie, but we are definitely here for it.

Which NBA player makes for the best dog dad in your opinion?

Banner images from Ben Simmons and D’Angelo Russell on Instagram.

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