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Go For Gold! Here Are The Paris Olympics Team Uniforms

Here are the team uniforms for competing athletes at the Paris Olympics.

As the Paris Olympics nears, we also get an early preview of what each country’s athletes will be wearing at the Games. Early on, we’ve already seen glimpses of opening and medal ceremony uniforms, while some have also revealed looks for everyday life in the Athletes’ Village. 

Now, here are the team uniforms that athletes will be wearing in competition. Any early favorites?

Team France
Paris Olympics team uniforms: France
(Photo Credit: Le Coq Sportif on Instagram)
Paris Olympics team uniforms: France
(Photo Credit: Le Coq Sportif on Instagram)

Home team France is an early winner in the “fashion Olympics”, with French Olympians set to wear team uniforms made by designer Stephane Ashpool, with local sporting brand Le Coq Sportif handling production.

Ashpool’s design is built on his reinterpretation of the French national colors, with a gradient built from France’s tri-color being the key detail. Due to Ashpool’s “abstract take” on the flag, the gradient also features lighter shades of blue and red. 

Outside the competition, athletes will also wear Ashpool-designed pieces for media interviews and podium ceremonies. 

Team USA
Paris Olympics team uniforms: Team USA
(Photo Credit: Nike on Instagram)
Paris Olympics team uniforms: Team USA
(Photo Credit: Nike on Instagram)

Currently, it’s been confirmed that Nike will be outfitting Team USA for soccer, basketball, and track and field games in Paris. Part of that collaboration is the overly revealing track and field suit for women that garnered controversy. 

For other sports, GK Elite will provide the leotards for American gymnasts, while J Lindeberg has been tapped as Team USA Golf’s outfitters. The North Face will be in charge of sport climbing uniforms for the Americans. 

Team GB
Paris Olympics team uniforms: GB
(Photo Credit: Adidas London on Instagram)
Paris Olympics team uniforms: GB
(Photo Credit: Team GB on Instagram)

Team GB’s Paris Olympics will be played in much simpler Adidas kits. Gone are the attempts to reinterpret the Union Jack flag, and making these the key element of the team uniforms. 

Instead, it’s just plain kits with a “Great Britain” print at the middle, featuring UK colors of red, white, and blue. Color tones were seemingly preserved as well for Team GB’s Paris Olympics team uniforms. 

Team Australia
Paris Olympics team uniforms: Australia
(Photo Credit: Australian Olympic Team on Facebook)

Australia will be competing in Paris with Asics and Speedo (for swimmers) decked in the national colors of yellow and green. Indigenous prints are also featured on the uniforms, the “integration of Indigenous artwork on athlete uniforms in Australian Olympic history” according to the Australian Olympic Committee. 

In a media release, the Olympic Committee added that the designs are a collaboration between Olympic boxer Paul Fleming, and artist David Bosun. Fleming himself is an Indigenous Australian, hailing from Wakka Wakka Wanyurr Majay, Yuggera Country. 

Team Jamaica
(Photo Credit: Team Jamaica on Instagram)
(Photo Credit: Team Jamaica on Instagram)

Team Jamaica’s Paris Olympics kits by Puma were revealed during the 2024 ISSA Boys and Girls Championship last March at the National Stadium in Kingston. Like most Olympic uniform designs, the Jamaicans’ kits incorporated the country’s national colors of green, yellow, and black, and attempts to incorporate the black and yellow lines found on the Jamaican flag.

Banner Image from Australian Olympic Team on Facebook.

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