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Padel Metro Manila

Here’s Where You Can Play Padel in Metro Manila

Padel is one of the fastest-growing racket sports in the world right now — find out why at one of these courts in Metro Manila.

Padel is the latest racket-sport craze in the Philippines. Over the last couple of years, more players have been trying the sport out (and loving it), and more courts have been popping up around the Metro, giving athletes more accessibility to the sport. So, if you’ve been waiting to try it out, consider this your sign to finally do it!

For those of you who might be new to the Padel craze, Padel is a racket sport that is quite similar to tennis and squash — think of a tennis match played on a smaller court where players can also make use of the walls.

There are a lot of nuances to the sport that make Padel a uniquely enjoyable game, but the only way to truly understand the hype is to get your hands dirty! Here are three places in Metro Manila where you can play Padel.

Manila Padel Club – BGC
Padel courts in Manila Padel Club
(Photo credit: Manila Padel Club on Facebook)

Manila Padel Club became the Philippines’ first-ever Padel club when it opened in the bustling area of Bonifacio High Street (BGC), making the sport way more accessible to thousands of Filipinos.

Their space in BGC features five outdoor courts that are open to all — no membership is required! However, one of the best features of Manila Padel Club is that if you wind up getting hooked on the sport, they offer various membership plans that give you benefits, such as priority booking and 24/7 access to their courts.

On top of this, their Club also features an outdoor gym — which they call ‘The Playground’ — that offers all kinds of fitness equipment for you to use, as well as group fitness classes. And not to mention, they also have their own cafe where players can enjoy good food and drinks before or after a sweaty session of Padel.

Manila Padel Club — Arcovia
Manila Padel Club
(Photo credit: Manila Padel Club on Facebook)

Because of the sport’s growing popularity in the Philippines, Manila Padel Club opened even more courts in Arcovia City in Pasig.

As their second location in Metro Manila, the Club stayed true to its mission of not just bringing the sport to the Philippines, but also promoting the entire Padel lifestyle. With this, Manila Padel Club in Arcovia has similar amenities to the BGC branch — numerous courts to choose from, an outdoor gym, and a cafe — allowing the sport to be more than just a hobby for its members.

Play Padel Club — Sheridan
Play Padel Club Philippines
(Photo credit: Play Padel Club Philippines on Facebook)

With more Filipinos seeking to play the sport comes even more courts and more clubs! Play Padel Club Philippines is yet another location in Metro Manila where you can book a court to satisfy your Padel itch.

Located in Mandaluyong, Play Padel Philippines features three padel courts, a cafe, and its own workout studio. On top of this, they also offer several programs throughout the week for players who want to take lessons to hone their game — Intro to Padel Mondays, Girls Night Wednesdays, and beginner lessons with Padel pros!

No matter what your skill level is, these three places around Metro Manila are perfect for your Padel journey. And as the sport continues to grow, who knows? We may see even more courts real soon.

Banner image by Vincenzo Morelli on Unsplash.

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