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Here’s Why Ula Surfside Is A Surfer’s Dream Getaway

Looking for a peaceful trip that can be all about relaxing and surfing? Ula Surfside by Ula Homes might just be perfect for you.

Surfing has quickly become a more popular pastime, hobby, or even profession among Filipinos over the last few years, as many of the country’s surf spots have been gaining more attention — and rightfully so, as the waves in the Philippines are world-class.

So if you’re planning your next surfing trip in the Philippines, here are three major reasons why you should check out Ula Surfside by Ula Homes, a private guesthouse just a few kilometers away from the center of San Juan, La Union.

One of the best surfing spots in the Philippines
Ula Surfside by Ula Homes in San Juan, La Union
Ula Surfside by Ula Homes in San Juan, La Union

Ula Surfside is located in the well-known surfing site, La Union — or as many Filipinos like to call it, Elyu.

San Juan, La Union undoubtedly offers some of the best waves for surfing in the Philippines, hailed by local and international surfers. And, since it is just a few hours’ drive from the Metro, it is also one of the most accessible places you can easily plan a trip to.

As you might have already guessed based on the name, Ula Surfside is located right by the beach. The waves are just a few steps away from the guesthouse’s front gate, which means that you can easily spend the entire day just riding the waves with the comfort of knowing you can get up and relax at any given moment.

As a plus, Ula even has their own surfboards that you can rent.

Perfect for any group
Ula Surfside by Ula Homes in San Juan, La Union
Ula Surfside by Ula Homes in San Juan, La Union

As a private guesthouse in the busy area of San Juan, La Union, Ula Surfside is the perfect place if you’re looking for a quieter, and more private surfing getaway with your family or friends.

Ula Surfside can fit up to nine guests in four bedrooms. On top of this, you never even have to leave the property because it has everything you’d need — towels, toiletries, cookware, and even a TV and Bluetooth sound system.

Ula Surfside also has the luxury of having its own private backyard with a swimming pool, an outdoor kitchen, and an outdoor dining area where you can relax under the sun or enjoy a moonlit swim. With all this, once you step inside the property, you may not even feel the need to leave until your trip is over.

Hang loose like a local

One of the best parts of Ula Surfside is that you can have the best of both worlds — a peaceful and private getaway and access to the busy and vibrant Surftown at the center of San Juan, La Union.

Surftown is the most popular spot in San Juan. This is where you’ll find all of the best restaurants, surf schools, and shops — not to mention the nightlife scene that comes alive after hours — and all of it is just a five to ten-minute drive away from Ula Surfside.

This means you can truly live like a local when you’re there — wake up and go for a surf right in your own backyard, enjoy the privacy of your guesthouse, and then head to the city center to enjoy the warm community of the city.

Images from Ula Homes on Instagram.

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