I Got Destroyed in a Fighting Game Tournament and You Should Too

I Got Destroyed in a Fighting Game Tournament and You Should Too

I went 0-2. But it was close, I swear.

Since REV Major 2023 recently concluded, you would think that means I joined one of their featured tournaments. Well, it’s nothing as fancy as that. Next to all the drama of the main stage games, Rumble Royale held their own little tournament – the Banyo Brawler, featuring Melty Blood: Type Lumina.

I Got Destroyed in a Fighting Game Tournament (Rumble Royale) and You Should Too
The main stage setup of the Banyo Brawler tournament.

Now if this all looks and sounds ridiculous to you, that’s kind of the point. Melty Blood is a niche but also well-known fighting game series based on the early 2000s visual novel Tsukihime. This particular setup is based on an in-joke about Melty Blood players and their dedication to playing their game wherever they can. 

The tournament was free to enter and the grand prize was 10,000Php (legally, it was only PHP 9,999). I’ve played Melty Blood: Type Lumina before but I barely have seven hours of play time on the game. But, as a spur-of-the-moment thing and with some prodding from friends, I decided to throw my hat into the ring.

As you may have guessed based on the title, I didn’t get very far. In the first round, I fought a guy who’s barely touched the game like me but in the second I got mopped by someone who clearly had a better grasp of the game and its mechanics. Despite the early exit, I can say that I had fun and that other people should try joining a tournament as well.

I Got Destroyed in a Fighting Game Tournament (Rumble Royale) and You Should Too
The Banyo Brawler trophy and grand prize. (Photo by Rumble Royale)
Competition and Fun

When people think of tournaments they think of all the preparation, the stakes, the drama of victory or defeat. In that sense, it can be daunting to think about entering a tournament yourself but honestly, context matters. Are you entering as a top competitor or a casual player who’s curious to see how far they can go? Are you there to push your limits or to play some games with other fighting game fans? 

Not every fighting game tournament is Evo and you shouldn’t be so concerned about winning that you forget how to enjoy the game you’re playing. Tournaments are fun and exciting for both the competitive and casual players in more ways than one. Playing with a slightly more competitive mindset can be a little scary but you don’t need to be winning to enjoy a tournament. Other players are in there with you and talking and sharing that experience with them can be its own reward.

And in case it wasn’t clear enough, Rumble Royale’s toilet tournament setup was a space where people could hang out, play, and have a laugh, even though there’s real money on the line. People cheered as new players were figuring out the controls for the first time and veterans bantered with each other, daring the other to do riskier moves.

In the end, the grand prize went to NewStaff, one of the best Melty Blood players in the Philippines. For his efforts, he has earned himself 9,999Php in coins. A worthy reward for the Banyo King.

I Got Destroyed in a Fighting Game Tournament (Rumble Royale) and You Should Too
NewStaff, the Banyo King sitting on his throne. (Photo by Rumble Royale)

I’m looking forward to joining another fighting game tournament in the future. Although, maybe next time it’ll be for a game that I can actually play.

Banner image by The Game.

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