It’s All About Big Damage in this Tekken 8 Tier List

It’s All About Big Damage in this Tekken 8 Tier List

With a new character and several patches in, how do the power levels of Tekken 8’s characters balance out?

Tekken 8 is now roughly three months old with a major tournament right around the corner — that means it’s time for a tier list. The 3D fighting game launched with fanfare but now with the dust settling, which characters have come out on top?

It’s All About Big Damage in this Tekken 8 Tier List
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After thousands of online matches and smaller tournaments, the top tiers have made themselves known quite easily. As it stands, a majority of the cast are sitting in the mid tier which is a good sign. However, with more optimized play it can seem like there’s a massive gulf between the tiers.


Tekken 8 has come to be known as a “killing game” and the characters in this part of the tier list are really good at that. Early on people already identified Devil Jin and Jun Kazama as top tiers with how easily they can blow apart their competition. They’ve benefited greatly from Tekken 8’s new Heat System, as well as new mechanics that push them over the edge.

It’s All About Big Damage in this Tekken 8 Tier List
It’s a bit difficult to fight an opponent who can fly and shoot lasers at you. (Image by Bandai Namco)

Next to them are the more mundane but no less deadly fighters like Dragunov, Azucena, and Ling Xiaoyu. While they don’t have devil or angel powers they still maximize Tekken 8’s philosophy of aggressive gameplay. Facing any of them means you’re in for a short match unless you can somehow stop their overwhelming offense.


The A-tiers are also no slouches when it comes to crushing their opponents. Powerhouses like Jack-8, Paul Phoenix, and Feng Wei have no problems with dishing out damage, making them real contenders. King sits comfortably here as well as the knowledge check for breaking out of his grabs has never been more important in a game where you could lose the round in one or two interactions.


The home of the majority of Tekken 8’s cast in this tier list. All the characters here have good tools to facilitate their offense but just lack that extra oomph. Mixup-heavy characters like Lili, Hwoarang, and Lars Alexanderson can be absolute menaces but don’t finish fights as quickly as those in the tiers above them. 

It’s All About Big Damage in this Tekken 8 Tier List
There’s a lot of hidden potential among mid-tier characters. (Image by Bandai Namco)

It’s important to note that Eddy Gordo is here mostly because the jury’s still out on him. He’s only been out for a few weeks but the overall impression is that he should be good with the kit that he has. Time will tell if those impressions hold true.


The struggle is real for characters stuck down here. They either lack tools or don’t take advantage of the Heat System as well as other members of the cast. The funny thing is that Leeroy Smith, Shaheen, and Zafina have found their way here after being top-tier terrors in Tekken 7. Whether it’s due to karma or developers Bandai Namco being too cautious with balance, these characters need a lot of work to make them shine.


It might be better to call this the “Bear tier” as it’s always been the home of Kuma and Panda. These two have always been at the bottom of tier lists and Tekken 8 is no exception. Bad movement and slower attacks have always plagued them and it’s especially worse in a game about relentless aggression.

It’s All About Big Damage in this Tekken 8 Tier List
Be careful or you might just lose the Tekken World Tour Finals to a Bear. (Image by Bandai Namco)

Still, that doesn’t mean that the Bears should be underestimated. They don’t lack for damage and any opponent caught slacking may find themselves getting mauled.

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