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Kyrie Irving And His NBA Playoffs Suits

He Means Business: Let’s Talk About Kyrie Irving and His Suits in The NBA Playoffs

Kyrie Irving has been flexing suit game throughout the NBA Playoffs, and he’s been looking as sharp as ever. 

Amid the 2024 NBA Playoffs, we’ve noticed that players are seemingly opting for business casual and semi-formal looks as a fashion trend, namely through clean and crisp suits — a surprising development given the more experimental nature of modern NBA fashion. 

A standout in this trend is none other than Kyrie Irving — now with the Dallas Mavericks — who has arrived in most of their NBA Playoffs games with a good old suit and tie. 

To date, we’ve noticed that Kyrie has been pulling up in a full ensemble as if the league required its players to wear business casual looks, or if he worked in corporate. And if anything, the shifty guard has been sharp as ever as he brings a breath of fresh air with his postseason looks. 

Two sides of a double-breasted look 
kyrie irving playoffs suits game 1 vs clippers
(Photo Credit: Dallas Mavericks on X)
(Photo Credit: NBA Fashion Fits on Instagram)

Let’s start off with Kyrie Irving’s double-breasted suits, which he wore in Games 2 and 5 in their Playoffs series against the LA Clippers. Despite wearing the same suit, Kai’s choice of accessories spelled the difference in his overall vibe.

In Game 2, Kyrie opted for a full suit without a necktie, which resulted in a dressed-down, and more contemporary vibe when it comes to formal dressing. By Game 5, Kai instead wore a tie, making it seem like he was headed to a business meeting…or more fittingly, a burial (spoiler: the Mavs beat LA in 6).

Either way, Kyrie in a double-breasted suit is just straight-up clean. Heck, he probably knows this himself at this point.

Oh, and he was also a big part of Dallas’ wins in the games he wore these, scoring 30 points on both occasions.

Back to the basics
kyrie irving playoffs suits game 6 vs clippers
(Photo Credit: Dallas Mavericks on Instagram)

Fashion included, nothing beats the basics, and Kyrie probably knows that best.

He did just that in their closeout Game 6 against the Clippers, possibly wearing the most conventional suit in his wardrobe. But let’s be clear, we don’t mean to say this in a negative way considering how Kai looked in this fit.

After all, if there’s anything we can all learn about dressing up, it’s that less can be so much more when done right. For Kai, all he needed was a clean, crisp, basic suit…in the same game that they eliminated the Clippers wherein Kyrie put up another 30-point game.

The modern takes remain 
kyrie irving playoffs suits 3
(Photo Credit: Dallas Mavericks on Instagram)
(Photo Credit: Dallas Mavericks on Instagram)

Last but not least is this suit and mesh tank combo that Kyrie Irving wore against the Clippers and their Playoffs series opener against the Oklahoma City Thunder. If anything, this take on suit dressing would be most aligned with how it would be done in modern NBA fashion.

And Kyrie, being Kyrie, pulled it off just fine, with a silk-like coat and seemingly tattered pants against the Clippers, and an unbuttoned version of his double-breasted coat against the Thunder.

Unfortunately, Kai is currently 1-1 in this look as his Mavs beat the Clippers 101-90, but ultimately fell to the Thunder 117-90 to open their second-round campaign.

Think we’ll see any more of suit and tie Kai throughout the Playoffs? Here’s to more of that because the man looks hella clean in a timeless classic.

Banner Image from NBA Fashion Fits on Instagram.

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