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Postseason Fashion: 8 Standout Looks Early In The 2024 NBA Playoffs 

Early into the 2024 NBA Playoffs, we list down players with the best fits in the first round of postseason action. 

The 2024 NBA Playoffs are finally here. And more than seeing our favorite basketball players perform at their best, the NBA postseason also acts as an avenue for them to showcase their individual styles.

Amid the early stages of the 2024 NBA Playoffs, here are some of the best fits we’ve seen so far. 

LeBron James 
2024 NBA Playoffs: LeBron James
Every piece complements each other in this look by LeBron James. (Photo Credit: Lakers on X [formerly Twitter])

Starting off our list is LeBron James. Despite their heartbreaking loss against the Denver Nuggets, it’s hard not to notice how clean and well-coordinated the King’s outfit was. 

James’ predominantly green outfit was composed of a matching dark green top and pants. Topping it off with a brown beanie, sneakers, a green jacket with thermal-like prints, and bags that complement the overall look — he always knows how to show up to the playoffs in style.

Tyrese Haliburton 
For once, Tyrese Haliburton goes for a more conservative look. (Photo Credit: Indiana Pacers on Instagram)

Looking at Tyrese Haliburton’s Instagram shows you that he tends to be experimental when he dresses, which can be a hit or miss. Haliburton, though, was more subdued heading into the Indiana Pacers’ Game 2 against the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2024 NBA Playoffs. 

And honestly, Haliburton looked better than ever in his outfit — a denim jacket with contrasting patterns, dark blue (or even black) jeans, a yellow bag, and sneakers that surprisingly work with the overall look. 

Given this, maybe the fourth-year guard might hit his fashion marks by going for simpler looks. But we still need to give him props for being bold with his outfits.

Russell Westbrook 
2024 NBA Playoffs: Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook’s fit here is too clean. (Photo Credit: NBA Fashion Fits on Instagram)

Simply put, Russell Westbrook’s outfit in their series opener against the Dallas Mavericks was clean — an all-white look, with matching suede shoes to complement his chosen tones. Gold jewelry pieces also complete the overall sophisticated look for the modern-day NBA fashion icon. 

The best part though, is his top which features scale or feather-like details to provide some texture. It’s arguably his statement piece if anything else. 

Devin Booker
2024 NBA Playoffs: Devin Booker
Less is more again does the job for Devin Booker. (Photo Credit: Phoenix Suns on X [formerly Twitter])

Devin Booker again stands out by doing a lot with less. For instance, there’s this black and white outfit against the Minnesota Timberwolves, which he crafts with a bomber jacket, straight-cut trousers, and black leather shoes. 

A button-down shirt and his jacket’s silver accents also provided necessary contrast despite being “minor” details. Completing the fit were gold and silver rings, and a tote bag that carried Booker’s black cap and space gray headphones among others. 

Buddy Hield
Earth tones are Buddy Hield’s preference for this look. (Photo Credit: Philadelphia 76ers on Instagram)

Entering the Madison Square Garden, Philadelphia 76ers guard Buddy Hield stuck to earthy tones for this look — an olive-colored jacket accompanied by parachute pants of the same color, and a brown vanity bag of sorts.

A beanie though, and a white undershirt provide a much-needed contrast to Hield’s otherwise monochromatic look.

Nikola Jokic 
2024 NBA Playoffs: Nikola Jokic
Nikola Jokic, or Gru? (Photo Credit: Denver Nuggets on Instagram)

At this point, it truly looks like Nikola Jokic will be part of the Despicable Me 4 marketing run. An early highlight of it though, is his dressing up as the film series’ main character, Gru, early into the 2024 NBA Playoffs. 

The Joker nailed the animated character’s outfit, namely his signature gray-and-black scarf and his zip-up coat. Jokic however, opted for light gray trousers, instead of Gru’s usual black bottoms.

And the best part? It looked good on the two-time MVP and seemed like a natural outfit if anything.

Darius Garland 
2024 NBA Playoffs: Darius Garland
Darius Garland subdued an otherwise loud top. (Photo Credits: Cleveland Cavaliers on Instagram)

Compared to everyone here, Darius Garland has a more animated look overall. In particular, there’s his red, white, and black rugby polo with accompanying logos. Unless properly styled, such a top may be overwhelming and quite…loud to look at. 

Despite this, the fourth-year guard was able to pull it off. Complementing Garland’s rugby polo were black denim jeans and sneakers, which subdue the otherwise overwhelming tones of the said top. 

Kristaps Porzingis
2024 NBA Playoffs: Kristaps Porzingis
You can never really miss with a business casual outfit. (Photo Credit: Boston Celtics on Instagram)

Of course, we can never overlook a good old business casual outfit. Just look at how Boston Celtics big man Kristaps Porzingis pulled this aesthetic off.  

In the Celtics’ series opener against the Miami Heat, Porzingis arrived in a blue suit accessorized by a pocket square, a brown belt, and cream-colored suede loafers. Additionally, he also opted for ankle-length trousers, which only accentuated his 7’2 frame further.

Simple, but nonetheless clean for the big right? 

Banner Image from Philadelphia 76ers on Instagram.

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