Kim kardashian watches Arsenal in Emirates Stadium

LOOK: Is Kim Kardashian an Arsenal Fan?

Perhaps just as shocking as Arsenal’s recent exit from the Europa League were the fans in the VIP seats who came to witness the loss: Kim Kardashian and Saint West.

Apart from Arsenal’s shock loss to Sporting CP yesterday, there was another headliner that shocked football fans: Kim Kardashian was among the spectators who watched the Premier League leaders crash out of the Europa League live from Emirates Stadium.

It certainly came as a surprise to see the American superstar in the VIP area of Arsenal’s home turf, but she did not come to watch alone.

Fans spotted Kim Kardashian in the stands along with her seven-year-old son, Saint, who happens to be an Arsenal supporter. Watching the match, Saint sported his own Gunners kit, and this wasn’t the first time he’s been seen wearing one.

In addition, before the match, the celebrity also posted an Instagram story showing an image of what looks to be Arsenal’s matchday previews with the caption “Send help.”

Unlike her son, perhaps she isn’t an Arsenal fan after all. But, it did look as though the mother-and-son duo was heavily invested in the match.

However, as it turns out, they may not have come just as fans.

According to reports, Kim and Saint’s visit to Emirates Stadium is actually part of a “mystery” documentary that takes place on Arsenal’s football grounds.

Unfortunately, luck did not seem to be on the Kim and Saint’s sides, as Arsenal wound up losing to Sporting CP on penalties, knocking them out of the Europa League.

Nevertheless, we hope the American star and her son enjoyed the action on the pitch. But we may find out for ourselves sometime soon through this rumored “mystery” documentary.

Banner images from DAZN Football and Beno SarkCess.

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