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New Year, New You: 4 Recreational Sports to Add to Your New Year’s Resolution

With so many recreational sports available to try out, there are more than enough ways to reach your fitness goals this 2023.

We’ve all said it: “New year, new me.” And if you’ve said it to yourself to start off your 2023, this year, why not make it mean something a little special?

Here are four new recreational sports you can try out this year to push yourself and achieve a stronger, fitter, healthier you — a new you!

1. Pickleball

If you’re looking to hop on one of the trendiest sports there is, pickleball is the way to go.

Pickleball is a cross between tennis, badminton, and ping pong. Similar to all three sports, pickleball involves two to four players where players hit a ball onto either side of the net back and forth. As a very familiar concept and with familiar rules, this sport is easy to get the hang of.

Though the sport is relatively new, the Philippines has its own Pickleball Federation. Making use of badminton courts around the Metro, the Federation has created venues for people to play pickleball in Alabang, Taguig, Makati, Pasig, and Quezon City.

Find out more about the sport and how you can play here.

2. Trail Biking

If you’re looking for more excitement or new ways to spend time in nature this 2023, trail biking is a good place to find either of those things.

Trail biking is a form of biking on rough terrains, such as trail paths. Over the last couple of years, this form of fitness has grown in popularity, and the best part is that if you already know how to bike, you’ll be more than capable of training your muscles to take on rougher terrains.

After choosing a mountain bike from the many options offered locally, and buying the rest of the gear you need, all you have to do is choose a beginner’s trail and you’re ready to get started.

3. Triathlon

If you’re looking for triple the challenge this 2023, then triathlon is for you. Not only will you need to train for one sport — you’ll be training for three.

Triathlon has been growing in the Philippines for over a decade now. With this, it’s one of the best recreational sports to get into. The equipment is readily accessible, there are many people to train with, and there are many races to choose from.

After buying all the equipment you need for the swim, bike, and run, you can start training for your first event.

This year has many races in store for Filipino triathletes, so if this is a goal you’re working towards, then don’t wait too long to sign up for your first race.

4. Padel

Finally, we have Padel.

Similar to pickleball, padel is also a racket sport that is very similar to tennis and squash. In fact, it is popularly known as “tennis with walls” or “squash in the sun.”

Manila Padel Club

Padel is a racket sport played in doubles format on a smaller court. In addition, the rackets are stringless, and when played, it is like a mix of tennis and squash. Recently, the sport made its way to the Philippines with Manila Padel Club. Last year, they opened their first location in BGC, Taguig, boasting a wide range of facilities.

As Manila Padel Club is set to open its newest location in Arcovia City. With this, padel is becoming more and more accessible, making it an easy sport to get into.

With all these recreational sports to try out, there are more than enough ways to reach your fitness goals this 2023.

Banner image from Jan Muehlbach and Tomasz Krawczyk on Unsplash.

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